what power amplifier are really punchy

it seems to me that alot of high quality ss amplifiers have a good low end slaming bass and can sound smooth but they seem to miss a really punchy satisfing mid bass and for me to follow bass lines with no problem.i really dont have a system together now.could someone if they know what i am talking about recommend a amplifer in the 200 watt range that has a really punchy mid bass i listen to rythm and blues,old rock,jass,techno.thanks
Krell. I humbly suggest you choose your speakers first.
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That exact attribute is one of the most distinctive characters of the McCormack DNA-1.
TAD 125 monos. I had a DNA-1, which was surpassed by the TAD60 and the TAD 125 bests it in all categories. I listen to classic rock on Vandy 2CE sigs and the TAD is a great match for punch and dynamics.
Krell. And choose your speakers at the same time!
I use Krell, but speaker choice is a huge factor.
Krell, and I agree, sounds like this is an amp/speaker combination your looking for.
Getting the bass out of any amp requires attention to all details- proper electricity (dedicated line) power conditioner that doesn't restrict bass, ditto power cord, interconnects and most often overlooked vibration dissipation devices like Herbies' isocups- oh yeah and speaker placement
Older Levinsons are like that....
Choosing an amplifier before selecting a speaker is like buying a set of tires and then looking for a car to fit them.
I can't believe no one mentioned room acoustics as bass is hugely affected by room dimensions and speaker placement within the room... If the room has a suck out in the midbass then no amplifier, no matter how punchy, will fix it.
Every amplifier I ever auditioned has some sonic signature that seems to be highlighted in one area or another of the audio spectrum. Ideally it should be balanced and neutral. Naturally Krell is famous for the bottomless bass and very articulate bass at that and everything else.

I exist in the midrange of audiophile world and I have come to find that Bryston amps,the older 3B,4B models and possibly the newer SST models were very prevelant and articulate in the low bass and mid bass range. So noticable if fact that it was shocking! I had settled for what I consider a well balanced amp, an Aragon 4004II amp that has quite acceptable bass and a smooth open midrange and highs. I listened to a lot of amps in that price range let me tell you. I did not end up with the Bryston because I liked the high end of the Aragon better, but oh that amazing tight bass from the Brystons!

If you can afford the high end estoteric get the Krell, but if you want the bass at a limited price point it is worth considering. Perhaps other Bryston owners may chime in. Many folks that biamp use the 2b,3b, and 4bs for the bottom end of their systems.
Try the Gilmore amps - Raven stereo or Raptor monoblocks. I have a Raven powering my Zu Druids and it is unbelievably punchy. Kick drums might collapse your chest, though, so be careful!
My recommendation, NuForce Ref 9SE V2 or MCH-3SE (multi-channel equivalent). Best I heard at home for bass as well as the rest of the musical spectrum. at 190watts/ch 8ohm, 300watts 4ohm. $5K retail.

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