what power amp to get

looking for a power amp that would match well with a rotel integrated ra-1062 that I can use as the pre amp. , maybe in the 350.00 range-thanks.
What speakers are you using? Why do you want to change from integrated power to separate power amp? What are you looking to achieve? What aspect of the Rotel integrated amp are you not happy with that cause you to seek new power amp?
Answers to these questions will greatly help us steer you into a good decision.

I am using Dali Ikon 2 speakers. I don't think I'm getting the most out of these speakers with just this integrated. There doesn't seem to be enough bass so I keep boosting the contour switch- thanks
The question is how good will your int. amp sound as a stand alone pre-amp? I own a few Rotel pieces and I find them to be great value and sound good. (W/just a few simple/inexpensive mods, will sound much, much better.) You could find a Rotel RB-990/991 amp. That would fall ino your budget. See how things sound. Then you'll end up selling the int. amp and buying a dedicated Rotel pre-amp. RC-990/995. Then things will sound even better! You have another choice, try an older RB-951/RB-951 MkII for $100. Sweet and great sounding little amp. Only 50w per ch., but don't lett the numbers fool you. Then find a matching older RC-970/980BX pre-amp. I have a feeling this combo may sound as good or better than an int. amp for alot less. Good Luck!