What power amp or integrated amp are you using with your Harbeth speakers

Too many variations from tubes to solid state - from class A to AB to D. 
As the title suggests;
What power amp or integrated are you using with your Harbeth speakers (have to have the experience of owning Harbeth)
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A pair of REL T/7i.
I'm set up running the subs from the left and right channel of the speaker outputs, using the Neutrik Speakon Interconnects. Since I have more than two pairs of speakers in the same room I'm set up running four Neutrik Speakon Interconnects off of speakers A and B and then I make the necessary Speakon connections depending on the speakers I select to listen to.
This is the guy who has his 40.2's in a small room.
He's using bridged Benchmarks.  380W should do the trick!
Replace the tube in your Croft with a Telefunken. Night and day.
parasound a21+ with harbeth shl5+.  finished.