What power amp or integrated amp are you using with your Harbeth speakers

Too many variations from tubes to solid state - from class A to AB to D. 
As the title suggests;
What power amp or integrated are you using with your Harbeth speakers (have to have the experience of owning Harbeth)
I'm currently using my Luxman 590 AX II with my Harbeth P3ESRXD speakers along with two subs and am very happy.
@lak what subs did you get? Looking to add a sub to my 30.2’s, obviously different speakers, but still the harbeth sound and I want something that would be a good match for their voicing. Also, are you using line or the second set of speaker outputs from the Luxman? 
A pair of REL T/7i.
I'm set up running the subs from the left and right channel of the speaker outputs, using the Neutrik Speakon Interconnects. Since I have more than two pairs of speakers in the same room I'm set up running four Neutrik Speakon Interconnects off of speakers A and B and then I make the necessary Speakon connections depending on the speakers I select to listen to.