What power amp or integrated amp are you using with your Harbeth speakers

Too many variations from tubes to solid state - from class A to AB to D. 
As the title suggests;
What power amp or integrated are you using with your Harbeth speakers (have to have the experience of owning Harbeth)
My current set-up is a Luxman AX590II, full class A with the 30.2's Sure, a little more power would be nice when I'm cranking the Stones at 100db, but I don't do that much and even then, it's an amazing combination. I had them with a McIntosh amp/preamp but that was not a good match. Mushy is the best I can describe it. So lots of power is not helpful unless it's really good power. Hope this real-world info helps. 
Luxman AX590II is my dream amp. It’s beautiful and class A. I am sure it sounds amazing. 
@ghulamr It took me a long time to save up and I also had to trade in some equipment. But it's something I won't need to upgrade or replace for many, many years. I wish you the best of luck in getting one.
I'm currently using my Luxman 590 AX II with my Harbeth P3ESRXD speakers along with two subs and am very happy.