What power amp or integrated amp are you using with your Harbeth speakers

Too many variations from tubes to solid state - from class A to AB to D. 
As the title suggests;
What power amp or integrated are you using with your Harbeth speakers (have to have the experience of owning Harbeth)
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I'm driving my 40.2's and 30.1's with a combination of the Audio Research Ref 5se tube preamp and the Hegel H590 using the Schitt Yggdrasil R2R ladder DAC as the source.  The sound is sublime in all respects.  As it is when just using the dac, preamp and amp of the H590 integrated.  

But... this morning I was surprised to find that driving the Harbeths with the ARC 5se and my Class D Audio SDS 470C is nearly as good.  It provides 300 watts @ 8ohms and 600 watts @ 4 ohms - plenty of power to control the Harbeths...
A local friend has a Coda Class-A amp driving his Harbeth SHL5s and I was smitten every time I heard them. Enough so that I went a similar route: Harbeth C7ES-3 (better fit for my smaller room) powered with a Pass Labs XA30.5 Class-A amplifier. Sonic and musical bliss.
Driving my Super HL5+ with the SST Son of Ampzilla and use a tube preamp.
My current set-up is a Luxman AX590II, full class A with the 30.2's Sure, a little more power would be nice when I'm cranking the Stones at 100db, but I don't do that much and even then, it's an amazing combination. I had them with a McIntosh amp/preamp but that was not a good match. Mushy is the best I can describe it. So lots of power is not helpful unless it's really good power. Hope this real-world info helps. 
Luxman AX590II is my dream amp. It’s beautiful and class A. I am sure it sounds amazing.