What power amp for Spectral DMC 12?

The speakers will become Magnepan 1.7

I hear only Spectral power wil work because of the wide band reach of the DMC 12

At the moment I use Dynaco mono blocks Mk III. But they are only 60 watt/4 ohm.

Any suggestions?


I have heard that before about Spectral.   Not sure how true it is, but the folks at Goodwins High End in Waltham MA have been selling Spectral for a long time.  Im sure they can answer that question specifically about your preamp.  

I would recommend a Spectral amp. I have auditioned Spectral more than once with Maggie’s… although 20.x. Great match. I have come very close to buying.

You can use any amps with a Spectral Preamp but you SHOULD use a Spectral Preamp and all Spectral/MIT IC and Speaker Cables with Spectral Poweramps.