What player to stream Amazon HD with?

Hello all,
My Oppo 105 can stream my Tidal account, but I recently downgraded that account from its top of the line to its mediocre quality tier as I picked up Amazon's lossless service - which sounds phenomenal.

Is there a $1K or so unit out there I can stream Amazon with?
Many thanks
I use my laptop pc to my DAC, which works pretty well.  I don't know how much help you'll get on agon, but I bet you'll get a ton of replies on steve hoffman forum.
Sounds fair enough; I'll try that, though since my Macbook pro doesn't have a USB port, I'd have to use an adapter to connect to the Oppo and I'm afraid that might interfere with sound.
I'm using a Bluesound Node 2i, and have been quite enjoying the sound. That said, some of the specifics around Amazon Music HD can be quite annoying. For example, the search function is maddeningly cumbersome and sometimes comes back with results that make little sense. If Amazon can get these things sorted out, though, it will be a keeper.
-- Howard
Wow, I could have written this question myself. I'm streaming Amazon through my lap top and it sounds great but I want more convenience. Love to hear which streamers work with Amazon HD. 
The Audiolab 6000n will stream Amazon music HD right from your phone etc. Price is around $600us  I'm very close to ordering one myself
Oh yeah it has a pretty good internal DAC not sure if it's better than what is in the OPPO BD 105 which I also own. I think it won What Hi Fi product of the year.
Another less exspensive option is the Audioengine B1 with internal DAC
and  aptX high quality bluetooth and that's what I'm currently using to stream Anazon music HD You can also bypass the B1 dac via toslink to a higher quality external DAC For simplicity it's hard to beat. It has RCA outs and I run those into my old school ARC LS 15 pre amp

DTS Play-Fi for effortless music streaming
DTS Play-Fi is a premium, wireless control system that brings everything under one 'roof'. Download the free app and you'll not only have access to Internet radio via Sirius XM but also popular music apps such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music. As well as streaming from music services, the 6000N Play also streams from NAS drives and PCs with DLNA support.
I stream Amazon Ultra HD from my Windows 10 laptop through USB to my newly acquired Cambridge Audio Azur 851n DAC/Network Streamer.  The good news is it sounds great and I can get 24/192 because I downloaded the Cambridge Audio driver and installed it on the laptop.  I use a $600 Asus Zenbook for this duty.  

It works great, but I'd strongly prefer to be able to control the playlist via my mobile phone as opposed to the laptop.  I can play Spotify through the Azur 851n natively, so I am 1.) Hoping Cambridge Audio updates their firmware to support Amazon Ultra HD or 2.) Hoping Spotify steps up and offers lossless streaming (and that my Azur 851n unit will support it). 

This is as close as I've been able to get.  I would prefer lossless through Spotify first and foremost, but my secondary preference is Amazon Music.  But neither give me what I really want. 

I think there's a good chance that either #1 or #2 above will happen in 2020.  Amazon has the resources to do whatever they want and can own the market so I suspect they will win and Spotify will go away eventually.  

1) I hope I win PowerBall without wasting money on a ticket.
2) I hope there is no line at the dispensary.

I stream Tidal with Bluetooth 5.0 from my Galaxy tablet to the audioengine b1 with excellent results.  I think it approaches or equals my consumer high end SACD which is saying somethng! 
There is a list of the companies with compatible software on Amazon's website. They haven't released an API to anyone other than those companies. 
I use my phone to send Amazon HD to Chromecast Audio via Wifi, then toslink cable from CCA to my DAC.  I agree with other made points; the app is unrefined, but the ultra HD music is wonderful.
"I use my phone to send Amazon HD to Chromecast Audio via Wifi, then toslink cable from CCA to my DAC. I agree with other made points; the app is unrefined, but the ultra HD music is wonderful."


Thanks for posting this. I truly wish and hope that this is actually possible but all comments from Amazon indicate that HD Music cannot be cast to a CCA but only the standard level Amazon Music signal. I use the 3.5mm to toslink with CCA to a DAC as well. Have you discovered a true wormhole? How certain are you that the digital signal getting to your DAC this way is Amazon HD lossless rather than standard? Thanks.

I stream on the cheap, through a tricked out Chromecast Audio. I trialed Amazon HD last year with the hope that I would purchase a high res subscription for the family for Christmas. Unfortunately, Amazon will not stream CD quality or greater to Chromecast. This is a business decision of Amazon's to require listeners to purchase their $200 Echo Link streamer. I won’t do that. Amazon limits its streams to MP3 quality over CC, so I use Qobuz.

Amazon’s primary market seems to be those who listen over PC and phone. That is the bigger market to capture, and all these big companies only target the biggest markets.

In case anyone is interested, my tricked out CC Audio sounds a lot better than my laptop now when streaming through the same Peachtree DAC. The CCA and laptop used to sound identical. I added the iFi Spdif reclocker and swapped out the power cable with a $12 cablematters cable. The first added tremendous resolution, and the second took the entire system sound from wimpy to full.
@iluvsansui, ear training takes work. I don't think you're actually hearing CD quality or better because Amazon only streams MP3 to Chromecast. If you still have free trials with Tidal or Qobuz, compare some songs over Amazon and one of these other services. With a sufficiently resolving setup, you won't want to go back to MP3. I first heard the difference between MP3 and CD quality when I moved my speakers from the desk to monoprice monolith speaker stands. 

Yes, I stand corrected. I was confusing my computer's Amazon streaming with CCA. 

To my ears, the HD that Amazon does stream to CCA (albeit not lossless) streams is MARKEDLY better than the 320kb/s stream that Spotify Premium does.

I also had true lossless from Tidal, and I could not tell a difference between Tidal to CCA and Amazon music to CCA.  That may be either a limitation in my pipeline or my ears or both :)

Hope that helps.

Kind regards

I tried Amazon and canceled my subscription I like how Tidal displays on my Bluesound Node 2i much better.  I also, despite what others think, like how MQA sounds.  It is nice to know what you are listening to and the way the artists wants people to listen to their recordings.
Cool. Maybe Amazon is streaming CD quality to CC then. 
Since my home theater is also my best music system, I can stream it through my Sony TV or through my Roku into my Marantz Pre-amp. Sound is fantastic. I wish they would release an app to my Astell&Kern player like Tidal did for mobile listening but so far, no joy. 
I am using a Node 2i with an MHDT Labs Orchid and it sounds great.  I do echo the above comment about the interface not being the best, but it is functional.
So I might have found an easy fix,  in part inspired by your replies. I simply ordered a USB C- HDMI adapter and ran an HDMI to the oppo and now can access Amazon hd from my Galaxy 9+, which I got in part because it had a rep for great internal sound. 
And so that worked. yes, there's an unsightly HDMI cable stretching to my listening seat, but the Amazon Ultra/HD sound trumps Tidal's basic sound by spades.

Would a USB be a better sound than HDMI?