What piece(s) of equipment would you most like to try?

If you had the opportunity to demo any equipment out there what would you try? I have several in mind but here is my initial list...

darTZeel NHB-18NS amp
Burmester 911 MK III amp (ok and since we're going for gusto the 909 also)
Ayre MX-R mono block amp
Vienna Acoustics "The Music" speakers
Sonus Faber "Stradivari" speakers
Legacy Audio "Aries" speakers
Atma-Sphere MA-1 mono block amp
ARC Reference 250 SE mono block amp
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Magico S7 speakers
Vitus MP-L201 line preamp
Vitus MP-P201 monoblock amps

DeVore Gibbon X
VAC Statement Line preamp and monoblocks

Complete dCS Scarlatti System: Transport, DAC, Clock & Upsampler

Basis Audio Inspiration turntable with My Sonic Labs Ultra Eminent Ex cartridge. Allnic H5000 DHT phono stage
The complete MBL Master Reference System.
Nothing that I would never be able to afford or want to spend on.
Arc ref 210's, ref 5, and Wilson Sasha 2's.
nice and fancy, but relatively realistic as well!  
So, realistically thinking, I would  first audition couple of integrated amps, Gryphon and Ypsilon come to mind. I don't need no Rowland or Pass or Accuphase. Then, Nottingham Anna Log turntable and a SME turntable. And speakers, I don't know, I would listen to anything under $25k. Echole cables.
Anything from Kondo/Audionote Japan.
I meant no Rowland etc. mentioning integrated amps not their top of the line offerings. Same with VAC. His integrated, as excellent as it is, won't give me enough drive. Gryphon Diablo, $15k I guess, would be kind of inexpensive choice. Ypsilon hybrid is $25k. But frankly, I would go with older separates from Gryphon, Lamm, Vac, Rowland or Pass for about the same cost, but not for $15k I think unless I am very lucky. It is much more difficult with speakers.
I’d like to audition the Ocellia 300b mono blocks (with their silver wired output transformers) and TW Raven 300b SETs to hear how they differ from my SET.

Tonian Labs Classic 12.1 speakers with the amplifiers listed above.
Not that I am unsatisfied with my current dac, but I'd love to upgrade my Lampy L4 to a Golden Gate. Lukasz Fikus is a genius!
Thorens TD-124 Mk.2, Garrard 301, Eminent Technology LFT-6, Pass electronics, Parasound JC-1 amps, Sanders Magtech amp.
All BAT with my speakers.
Source: Meridian MQA player
Amps: Handmade e.g. D'agostino or Jadis
Speakers: Vandersteen Quatro CT, Proac Pro Carbon 8, Dali Epicon 8, JBL K2 S9900 or Everest DD67000
Preamp: ARC REF 6 or 5SE
Wire: Graphene doped OCC copper  
Being most a low-powered tube fan, I would like to try something completely different, such as the YG Acoustics Sonya speakers with Bridge Audio Labs amplifiers and linestage.  For phono, the Lyra Connoisseur phonostage.  Now, how do I get the $500,000 or so to make this possible. . .
After hearing lots of talk about Tidal speakers I would love to try the Piano Diacera's in my system.

I'll just go shopping with jmc...
Lots of cool stuff.

I would like the Metronome Kalista transport and the matching DAC.  I think I would be satisfied with that. 

Right On! chayro-

I too would like to demo the latest/greatest in cd/sacd spinners.

I'd like to try Oswald Mills speakers with my 300b integrated and an Audio Note DAC 5 with all Audio Note cables.
I would like to hear the new Carver Line Source Speakers.
A Kuzma XL4.
Is everyone rich but me holy crap! And I've been happy with my Adcoms and Audio Alchemy DTI and DAC's over the years! Maybe I shouldn't have had so many other expensive hobby's Motorcycles and Photography. Still playing the lottery hoping for enough so I never have to go anywhere since the world is going freaking Crazy Anyway!! Rock On!
My thought for this thread was not so much equipment that was realistic to afford......just equipment you would love to try.
@trutopia2 We're not all rich we are talking about auditioning not buying necessarily I know I can't afford any Kondo gear but I do want t hear if it's as good as advertised.
Bose wave radio.
Aqua DACs.
I would like to hear a pair of Daedalus "Argo" speakers and the
"Tempus III" from Ryan speakers powered by Modwright KWA-150SE.  
A tubed dual mono phono stage w/volume controls with an extra passive input for the day when I have more money for a digital source. The Coincident Ststement phono reads like it would sound good for my purposes. 

A full set up of period WE horns and amp stack, probably with the EMT 927 turntable and that EMT phono stage that is in current production. 

Agree with " world going freaking crazy ". Makes this hobby even more valuable.
Tannoy Westminster Royal SE, Altec Volte 5 with mods aka Jeff Day and Yazaki-San, Yazaki-san model DA-3 tube amplifier, Kondo Audio Note 300B (all of them), Dueland Crossover, Garrad 301 turntable with the plinth and Stillpoints mods advertised here on Agon with Pete Riggle woody arm and various cartridge. Best, Rob

Top of the line Montana and pbn audio
The big Gryphons and big Tidal speakers side by side. 
Perversely, I would like to try some gear I could actually afford to buy if I had a good year at work.  Top on that list is a Melco server.
No-one mentioned Lamm Statement amps or whatever he calls them? Or Kharma Grand Enigma or again whatever it's called? Or reference Jadis system? Or Allnic top of the line electronics? Or Focal Grand Utopia speakers? Or what's the name of those superhorns, Godo?
Heck, where are Walker and Rockport turntables?
I am surprised.
Michael Fremer's analog setup on the front end of my system.
I would like to try the Bluesound Vault 2
With regard to your list I would really like to try the Atma-Sphere amps........
Carver Silver Seven 700 Amps
Rogue Hera Reference Linestage Preamp
J A Michell Gyrodec SE Turntable
Source Loudspeaker Technologies 7411- A XL Tower Speakers
Top of the line dcs dac
Kronos Pro turntable

Vapor Audio speakers
Artisan Fidelity 501 and Saskia TT 
schroder LT tonearm
wavac 805 amps
Serblin Ktema
Kanda zero cartridge
Robert Koda 15 preamp