What phono setting to use for Plinius 8200

I have a Plinius 8200 mkii I'm using with my high output MC cartridge (Goldring Eroica that comes with MMF7). I understand high output MC is the same level as MM, so I opened the Plinius and switched it to that setting (only setting I've used). Trouble is, on most records I have to turn the volume to between the 12 o clock and 2 o clock position to achieve decent listening levels. On some records even this is even not enough. Scares me to have my amp up that high.

Has anyone had luck with this combo using the MC setting?
I don't know what the gain is on your Plinius for MM but I have the same turntable/cartridge as you and I tried MC settings on a few phono preamps and they overload the preamp and do not sound very good (loud crackling sounds). I wouldn't worry about the volume control position in the MM setting but check to see if you can adjust the gain for MM.
The amp amplifies the signal presented, it it's low the out put from the amp will be low. The position indicated is not indicitive of how hard the amp is working. So if the sound is not enough get over the look of the know position, the amp is not getting enough signal to amplify to satisfy.

Of further concern would be the loading on the MC with MM cartridge. Most MC like to be loaded in the 20-200 omh range.

Most MM in the 47,000 ohm range (wide open) the Plinius has capacitance and resistance adjustments available to experiment with yes???
Most high-output MC cartridges do not have as high an output voltage as most MM cartridges do. This is why it seems to need to be turned up higher on the volume. It is also probably too high output to be using the MC setting on the phono section. It is one of those "in-between" things. You will be better off on the MM setting, and turning up the volume. These kinds of cartridges load into 47k like an MM, so you won't have any problems there.
Alright, thanks guys. Sounds like I'm best where I'm at.