What phono preamp are you using?

Anyone using a Soundsmith cartridge? And if so what phono preamp are you using? (Individuals with other cartridges feel free to chime in!)
TT is Pro-ject Carbon EVO 10. 
Dynamic Sounds Associates (DSA) Phono II with Ortofon Windfeld Ti, Kiseki Purple Heart, or Miyajima Madake on an Origin Live Sovereign.  A Hyperion is in the future.  Thoughts and Prayers for Peter!
I picked up a Soundsmith Aida II not too long ago and have been using it off and on with my Technics SL 1200 MK2 and Pass Labs XP-15.  Sounds great, very quiet, dynamic, detailed, and a big soundstage.
EAR 834P
Koetsu Black
Denon AU-320 SUT
Icon Audio PS1.2 MC with NOS Telefunken tubes - sounds great with the Tele tubes and Hana ML series cart @ 200 ohm load.  With the NOS Tele tubes (not new anymore) running $400 - $500 each now I thought I'd try a Hagerman Trumpet MC.  It's still burning in but starting to blossom.  I upgraded the power supply with SBooster and installed gold lion gold pin tubes.  The goal is to get this phono stage sounding as good or better than the icon audio/Telefunken combo and it's almost there.  I'm not sure why the IA/Tele/Hanna ML combo sounds so good but it does.  As we know...it's all about getting the right match of components that work well with each other and I just got lucky with that combo.  Another highly knowledgeable friend of mine recommended the Trumpet MC.  He's had his a while now and loves it.  It comes highly regarded as probably the best value in a phono stage right now.