What phono preamp are you using?

Anyone using a Soundsmith cartridge? And if so what phono preamp are you using? (Individuals with other cartridges feel free to chime in!)
Herron VTPH-2A, Lyra Skala.
Nagra BPS (battery powered) and a Dynavector XX2mkII on my Sota Nova VI w/Audiomods arm. 
I haven’t read all of the posts yet but I will. I’m using a SoundSmith ”The Voice”. Both my phono pre my preamp are from Aric Audio. His really nice tube equipment w/ Zu Soul Supreme  speakers. 
It sounds incredible! 
Best wishes to our friend Peter at SoundSmith.
TT is Pro-ject Carbon EVO 10. 
Dynamic Sounds Associates (DSA) Phono II with Ortofon Windfeld Ti, Kiseki Purple Heart, or Miyajima Madake on an Origin Live Sovereign.  A Hyperion is in the future.  Thoughts and Prayers for Peter!