what phono pre-amp to get?

I just recently purchased a music hall mmf-7 and need a seperate phono pre-amp to upgrade from my NAD integrated amp. I"m also concidering buying a Rogue 99 magnum pre-amp with a phono stage. Any suggestions new or used.
Well, we don't know what you want to spend, or what cartridge you want to use, so I will assume that you are looking for a reasonably priced unit that will take the MM input from the stock Goldring that came on the MMF-7.

In that case, I would recommend the Gram Slee phono products, as very good for very low money. If you want to spend a little more, a used Lehmann Black Cube would be about $350. This will allow you to change to a moving coil cartridge if you want to. If you want to spend more than that, you should research the market with the cartridge that you wish to use, in mind. There are many good, expensive phono sections available, and alot depends on the application, when you get to that level.
I have a Rogue 99 non-magnum with phono stage. Very nice.

And I'd sell it for 1400 as vinyl is not compatible with my 18 month old.
I have a Creek obh8se for sale that I use with a music hall....great combo! Check my Ad!
i have the goldring cartridge that came with it. I'm a vinyl junkie and just gettiing into a high end tt setup. looking to spend under a grand on pre-amp used. What are some possible cartridge upgrades as well. I'm new to the hobby so bare with me. Thanks for the responses
As far as pre's with phono go, the Rogue stuff is good. I'd also recommend the Counterpoint SA-3000 or SA-5000 if you find one used for a decent price.

I have used a Lehman Black Cube and an Audiomat Phono-1 and both were excellent stand alone units that allowed for mm or mc cartridges. The Audiomat was more detailed and more "tube-like" than the cube, but also twice as much.
Look on Hagerman Technology's website. They have a DIY tube pre-amp thats a joke to put together (easy)

All I can say is there trumpet is WOW WOW WoW
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