What Phono board setting on Unico SE?

I am wanting to use the phono board on my Unison Research Unico SE hybrid tube amp. There are no schematics included with the limited owners manual. The phono input is capable of MC or MM cartridge usage. I will be using a Clearaudio Maestro wood Cartridge with an output of 3.6mV. What pins need to be covered with the supplied jumper tabs? There are 6 tabs located on the phono board. {each with 3 pins [MC/MM/blank]}. Any insight would be appreciated. I can take a pic for anyone who needs to see the board in a private message.
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There should also be a load resistance marked on the board. Usually manufacturers would advice to place MM input with MM input resistance(usually 47KOhm). Is manufacturer reachable?
I am waiting (5 days so far) for Unison to reply, Hence my question to the community.
The blank pin is common between MM and MC. Normally you'd place all jumpers on 'MM' side.