what phono amp for a VPI scout with Lyra Dorian

My system consists of a VPI scout with a Lyra Dorian. The integrated amplifier I use is a Symponic Line La Musica. The amp has a build in phono stage.

Now I was wondering if I were to spend say $1500 on a used or new phono stage would I get a performance upgrade.

I am a bit hesitant to buy a phono separate stage, not only does the phono stage cost money I also will need to buy more (and expensive) interlinks.

Tube phono stages are a no go for me.
I really loved the Vaccumstate JLTI with my Lyra Argo - fast, detailed with excellent resolution. The JLTI particularly excels in terms of imaging; even much more expensive phonostages do not go as far into the corners as this one; excellent separation between instruments as well. It may be lacking the utmost tonal contrasts a good tube stage can provide, but then all the tube phonos in that price range do not come close to the resolution of the JLTI.
I have a different turntable and cartridge but I agree with Restock regarding the JLTI. I've had mine for about 3 months and can atttest to Restock's description of it. It has a long breakin period but I highly recommend it. See December Stereophile for review.
I am a VPI dealer and was faced with the problem of deciding which phono stages to carry , after agonizing a long time I decided on the Dynavector 75 ($750) and the Blue Circle 709 ($1295). Not trying to sell you either, just two I thought looked good.
I used a Dynavector P75 for a couple of years and loved it. But I used it with a Dynavector 20 XL cart, and believe that the combination of both resulted in the great performance. I have heard from many that they did not get the same satisfaction when using the pre with non Dyna carts.

I am now using an ASR Mini Basis Exclusive that I just picked up used here for less than half what the cost retail. It is really a huge upgrade for me. Not only does it sound amazing, but it offers tons of flexibility for loading and gain, which means I'll be able to use it with any cartridge I have in the future. I would say if you can find one used you should definitely consider it.

Good luck.
I own a Goldmund Studietto with T5 arm and a Lyra Dorian. As phono-pre I use a Sphinx Phono Equalizer. Small, very well built and flexible unit, but perhaps not easy to find outside Holland/Europe. Since the Dorian has a reasonable output there are many phono stages that will work well. Just audition two or three within your budget and pick the one that sounds the best to your ears.
Thank you all for the replies.

Sberger, maybe I am mistaken but I heard the ASR phono amps are a bit coloured in their sound. I sounded a bit dark according to someone I know. Do you have the same experience?

To be honest I have never heard of the JLTI i will look to see if there is a dealer here.
Well, I think you could say that most gear have their own sonic signatures. That said, I don't feel the Mini Basis is dark. Now remember that I am using the MK II Exclusive version with the updated chip. I never heard the basic MKI version. And not knowing your friends system, it would be hard to comment on what he was hearing. But in doing my research before I bought, I never ran across anybody saying it has a dark signature. In fact, I only saw extremely positive reviews.
I received the Dynavector P 75 and it sounds good right out of the box, suppose to improve greatly with break in. Only trouble, has internal dip switches to adjust loading, very small, can't even see them. Probably not a problem for those of you who can't remember WW11. Haven't used ASR but have heard good things about it from friends.
You should also take a look at Modwright Instrument SWP 9.0SE phono stage. I am using one with my VPI Scout and is very happy with it. I settled on the Modwright after trying several phono stages such as Graham Slee Era Gold, SAP, and the built in phono stage in my McIntosh C2200 pre amp. All were good but I kept the Modwright.
I have a VPI and a Lyra cart and the EAR 834P is my phone preamp choice. Great synergy.
I was using a Sutherland Ph3d with my Scout (and Benz Micro Ace L) and had fantastic results. Have since moved on to Aires 3 with Dynavector XX2 mkII and Sutherland Hubble.

Do you know what the differance is between Acoustech and Sutherland? I have seen both the PH-1P and the PH-3D being sold as either a Acoustech or Sutherland. The topmodel the PH-D I have only seen as Sutherland. Then there also is a Sutherland/Acoustech PH2.

Can anyone please tell me wich one is better the PH1, PH2 or the PH3, the PHD is outside my budget.

Is the hubble the new PHD?