What Percentage Off Would You Expect to Discount For Open Box Amp with Blemish

The amp is also a discontinued model which I believe should be further discounted.  So how much off  on a $3200 amp is the question? I called the dealer with a few questions. I asked if the amp would be on sale for Memorial Day since it’s a discontinued model. The girl said they didn’t do many sales on this brand (I know they do) Anyway,  she looked and found an open box in warehouse. She knocked 12% off MSRP. Does that sound right? Or should there be more discount due to blemish?  I think the later. I’ve always thought 10-12% off to be the norm discount on prime products.I know this isn't set in stone. But what is "normal" ? Whats your thought? Thanks for your input
I hope you’ll at least reveal what this is once the matter is settled???
Why a big secrecy about the brand of amp and what kind of "scuff" mark it really is? Is this a Top Secret amp? The brand makes a big difference, you aren’t going to get the same amount off for a FM Acoustics or Goldmund compared to a Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha or similar.  That is why I ask the name of the amp.
What is the mystery amp and did you buy it??HELLO!!!
I am guessing the OP doesn’t want to reveal information about the amp for fear someone will use the info to buy it out from under him. That is fair but only my guess. One thing I always consider when buying equipment is its resale. In this hobby, everything gets resold eventually lol. In my mind the discount depends on the blemish and if the blemish is such that it will affect its resale ability down the road. I’ve made money and lost money on buying and selling equipment over the years and you need to figure out how much you are willing to lose taking a chance on a blemish the dealer won’t show you.

That’s one reason. But another is that I don’t want to bring disrepute to the dealer ...at least, not at this point. The poor service may be due to this silly shut down. I don’t know for sure. I'd rather let this play out before calling out names.

@ ebm et al

As for the rest of the questions, all you have to do is read my last post to know that I haven’t bought it yet