What percentage of audiophiles use a sub ?

Since joining the site I have noticed that a lot of you don't actually use a subwoofer. I was pretty surprised by this as I could never listen to any music without some good low-end, so, curious how many do and how many don't and if not, why.
I use 2 JL f113's for both 2 & 5.1 channel. What I like most about the JL's is the LFE trim pot. I set it in one possition for 2 channel and another for HT. I dislike subsonics when listening to 2 channel. That is unless the music is rap, lots of added bass in that type of music. I do not listen often but when I do it is nice to have lots of bass.
Ryder -

Agreed on the feedback (and appreciated) - never expected such a good response to the question. Very interesting and enlightening. I too use only one REL sub but all this discussion has me thinking about getting a pair (JLs) too. Keep it coming guys - thankyou!
I love music. The older music from the 60's and 70's with minimal bass and the newer music with great bass. I am a bass lover. I bought a stand alone home so I wouldn't bother others with bass and the volumes I still enjoy. In your face rock is still alot of fun to me. I like my internal organs to be vibrated. My speakers are Definitive tecnology BP7000sc's. Each has a 14 inch bass driver with a 1800 watt class D amp. The room is about 14 x 24 x 9. The integration blends great. What is most important is they sound great to me.

Now that's what I call a music enthusiast - buying a home to accommodate the hobby!!! Nice one. Yes, bass makes the hair on my arms stand up too and I love it.
I have a sub and it is used for the home theater sound and effect and I try not to use it for 2 channel audio but sometimes I do.