What percentage of audiophiles use a sub ?

Since joining the site I have noticed that a lot of you don't actually use a subwoofer. I was pretty surprised by this as I could never listen to any music without some good low-end, so, curious how many do and how many don't and if not, why.

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I love music. The older music from the 60's and 70's with minimal bass and the newer music with great bass. I am a bass lover. I bought a stand alone home so I wouldn't bother others with bass and the volumes I still enjoy. In your face rock is still alot of fun to me. I like my internal organs to be vibrated. My speakers are Definitive tecnology BP7000sc's. Each has a 14 inch bass driver with a 1800 watt class D amp. The room is about 14 x 24 x 9. The integration blends great. What is most important is they sound great to me.