What PC with Clayton M100 ?

Have anybody tried Clayton's own PC's (are they any better then stock one, as good as other aftermarket PC's)?
What PC's would you recommend for M100 ?
I'm using the Nordost Shiva with my S-40 and am very pleased with it. The seller warned me not to even try using the stock cord as it would not give near the best performance I could get out of the amp.
I think the stock power cords are pretty damn good. Better than most stock power cords. IMHO, power cords make less of a difference on the amps than on preamps and front end components. I've used Shunyata King Cobra V2's, Elrod EPS-3Signature's and currently Cardas Golden Reference on my M100's. I kept'downgrading' money-wise to put the money elsewhere in my system. When switching back to the stock cords I was always surprised by just how good they sounded. I only went with the Cardas GR p/c's because I have my M100's plugged into a Running Springs Audio Duke power conditioner, which uses a modified 20A Cardas Golden Reference power cord and has Cardas internal wiring as well. Sort of a synergestic thing.

I would say there are better ways to spend you money than upgrading the M100's p/c's. Spend it on front end or preamp p/c's or interconnects, or just music.

I have asked Clayton's manufacturer about conditioners and was told not to buy external conditioner because they already have internal conditioner. I was told to buy PC.
So do you hear any difference with or without external conditioner ?
(any experience with PS Audio)
So you are saying that investing big bucks in PC will not give me be big advantage over stock PC ...
I have already invested in good pre (Supratek Chenin) is sound awesome with Clayton, and I'm saving money for good cdp (thinking about AA Capitole).

I'd recommend saving your money for the AA Capitole. That's an excellent cd player, which can also be used as a preamp I believe. This is where I'd spend good money on a power cord. I've found that digital front ends seem to benefit the most from high end power cords.

I would have to agree that external power conditioners do not really help the sound. They do provide me with peace of mind surge protection though. FWIW, I've found the RSA Duke to have the smallest effect sonically on the amps, almost like running them straight into the wall. The Duke doesn't dull the transients like the PS Audio UOHC or the Shunyata Hydra 2. So while I'll agree that running them straight into the wall is the cheapest option, I've found the RSA Duke to provide the least amount of negative impact while providing peace of mind. As I do like to leave my M100's powered up 24/7, and I'm not always home.
Jmcgrogan2 Thanks for your answer,
it worries me though, some day I will be going back to Europe and I will need PS Audio (only company which is doing 110V/220V conditioners as far I know - PowerDirector line).
I definitely do not like idea of my transients being dulled. It lives me with 2 options send M100 to ST. Louis (I do not trust FedEx or UPS, afraid they would damage it (they already managed to massacre my speakers and demage cdp),
or used step down 220/110 transformer ? Unfortunately I do not have any knowledge if step down transformers would dull transients.
Well if the sound is awesome to you, then I wouldn't worry about it. Go get the AA Capitole and relax. Your thread started about power cords. They do make a difference. Better? Not always. I found the Elrod EPS-3 Signatures sounded the best, but not worth the money investment over the stock cords, IMHO. The power cord upgrade is not a night/day experience on these amps, is what I'm trying to say. Sometimes I even wonder if it's just in my head. A power cord change on a cd player can make a huge improvement, noticeable. The p/c change on the M100's was extremely small. Enjoy what you have. How's that?
> How's that?
Great advice for the time being :)
In the future I will have to still find solution to voltage, either PS Audio and loose beloved transiensts, or try step down transformer (anybody and experience with them how do they influence power amps)?
Sending by Fedex thieves or UPS monkeys to replace transformers is what I like the least.