What PC for PPP?

I am looking for a PC for my Power Plant Premier. I am running a Krell 707, Meridian G08, Denon 5910, Panny BD55(will up grade later), Outlaw amp(surrounds duty) and my Mits Diamond display off of the PPP. The main's Krell amps directly to there own dedicated line.

I am looking in the $600-$700 dollar range and not apposed to used.

Thinking Shunyata Research's Python Helix Alpha or if the price is right go to Anaconda. I was also thinking LessLoss but I read somewhere here that it did not go well with the PPP.

Suggestions? ...... Thanks,
Lessloss didn't work as well on my PPP.

I would look into the new perfectwave cables from PS Audio, they look quite promising.

I am currently using a Statement SC which works very well.
Go with Shunyata's new Cx version cable. The Python is absolutely stunning at it's price. PS Audio will not compare IMHO.
The new Perfect Wave power cords are somewhat similar in design to Shunyata's power cords. The PW PCs ship nest week and they are supposed to be their best PC yet and are relatively reasonable in cost.

I would recommend them with the PPP.
I would strongly recommend DCCA
I will try a PS Audio cable as well as the others suggested. I am a little put off that PSA sells you a piece then right in the directions they tell you that you need to buy one of there cords to get the best performance.
At least they could offer an upgraded cord at a minimal price for purchasers of the PPP.

Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming.
I recently had the opportunity to hear the ppp powered with a Fusion Audio Enchanter and it was a stunning combination. I hope this offers some assistance. Thank you
I'm not sure I understand the benefit of the power cord on a product that claims to regenerate and recondition the incoming A/C regardless of quality. In fact, according to the PS Audio website:

The Premier doesn't care what the quality of your incoming AC is; what comes out is perfect.

So, why does it matter what power cord you use?
It does matter. If you have the unit you would understand.
The Fusion Audio Enchanter did not work for me on my PPP. Too closed in and restricted. I didnt like it. Much better was the DCCA Reference Master. That is a great cord for the $$$ and there are lots of great reviews here.
The best I tried on the PPP is the Synergistic Research Tesla Precision AC. Very dynamic and open. It beat the Fusion cords by miles.
power cables, in fact all cables are a personal choice issue which is why manufacturers supply a generic lead. Plus it would drive the price of the component up. My pet hate is fuses. Why not fit the components with the good fuses to begin with but that's a whole other topic.

Cruz123, I think your looking at the unit in the wrong way. If it generated the new current from scratch your reasoning would be correct, however it regenerates using an incoming current. I'm no expert but I believe the PPP works similar to a power amp and so is sensitive to cable chandges in the same way.
I am hoping I can regain some of the thickness of the bass with a different cord. The PPP tightened the bass considerably in my system and while it is very articulate it seems lacking compared to the mids and highs.

I run my tube Diezel guitar amp off of the ppp also and it totally changed the low E notes.
after writing that last statement I sat down and listened some more and thought that I only have about 25-30 hours of a full load on the PPP and it may be to soon to do critical listening and I should give it another 60 hours before auditioning cords.

Any thoughts on the break in period of this unit?

Usually I would get a harshness in the mids and highs that the Krell amps and the Diamond tweeters would highlight with a new cable that I expected from the PPP but I am not hearing this, so I am wondering if there is a break in period with the PPP at all.
Give it 400 hours. The PPP has a long break in period.
My biggest complaint about the PPP is that it has sterilized the music a little too much. You can turn it up to get that fullness that is there without the PPP but then it is very loud. What changes in sound did you experience after break in?
So far I have tried a Python CX, Aqueous Anniversary and a T3. They all have there own sound. The Python and AA are close with the AA accentuating the highs slightly more. The T3 had very clean crisp highs and accurate mids which I liked a lot but seemed to be lacking in the bass. I like the Python the best so far because I feel it has the best over all balance from highs to lows.

Actually the best my system has sounded is with the Python in the PPP and the AA in the CDP, but I am not done demoing cords yet. I am going to try a Deep Dream and an AC-12.

I wish I never changed the CDP cord because I did not plan on upgrading that one.