What PC best for Modwright SWL 9.0SE Preamp?

Hi all,

Has any body done any shootouts on different PCs for the SWL9SE ? I am debating among the Shunyata Alpha, Ridge Street Poiema P3 or the Virtual Dynamic NiteII/Master ?
Any other suggestions ? Thanks in advance..
Of the ones you mention, I tried the Poiema !!! and VD Nite II on my Modwright preamp. The P!!! is still there, while the Nite II powers up my Modwright 9000ES nicely. I also have a P!!! on the power supply that provied juice for the tube output stage on the Modwright cdp.

Bottom line, the P!!! synergizes very well with Modwright.
The VH Audio AirSine (I'd recommend Oyaide or Furutech Gold connectors) is much better than the Shunyata Python Alpha and VD Nite 1 and is what I use on my SWL 9.0SE. I haven't heard the other cords.
Hi Rpf,

Did you compared the Python Alpha, VD Nite1 and the VH with the SWL9.0SE for this conclusion ?

What is the sonic character of the P!!! in general with the SWL9SE ?

Thanks all !
Wlo, the Poiema!!! power cord just gets out of the way and lets the preamp do its thing. I hate to overuse the term "neutral", but the P!!! is. It allows the preamp to soundstage big and airy, the midrange is spot on, and the bass is full and taut....no silver colorations to be found here!