What PC Are You Using...

on your monitors(including computer versions)? I've given up on my CRT and am using the Xbox 360 into my Acer 3D monitor(didn't know 1080p & 120hz could look so nice).

I also want to make the computer into a mini HT system w/quality speakers and such. Any ideas?
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I am using a Tom Special. Customized self made with silent case, modular power supply and components selected by me based upon the specs I felt were important. Quiet, vibration free and running W7 pro 64bit, 120GB SSDHD plus 1TB for backup and media (WAV and FLAC), 8GB Corsair RAM, hand built cables, power cord and PS Audio Duet for clean power and surge protection. The Mfg r's I like are Antec, ASUS, Gigabyte, Corsair, Toshiba, Samsung, PS Audio, Data Cables-Ethernet/USB/HDMI (Blue Jeans Cable and Wireworld, Audioquest.)
Oooo, nice. My PC is a super computer built by a friend to play the original Crysis. His new one is four times as powerful and I have dibs on that when available.

I'm going to change the outlets, get a SSD, 3TB external for movies and BDR burner.