what parasound 5 channel amp and Processor

Need help My question is what parasound amp and Processor to get. If you could help with this id be great full looking for to buy both used

1. HCA-2205 a/at
2. Halo A51
3. New classic 5250 v2

1. New classic 7100
2. Halo C2
I've had a HCA-2205A for about 10 years, has been running continuously for most of that time. Great amp, the only problem I've had is the remote trigger stopped working a few years ago.
I have a 2205 AT and it sounds amazing. I have an Onkyo Processor to go with it. I would go for the Parasound Halo P7 if you could find one. Amazing home theater bypass and analogue 2 channel with bass management.

Regards Bacardi