What output cables work best with Sansui TU 717 ?

I have vintage Sansui tuner circa 1977, and was wondering what success anyone has had with output cables for such a tuner. Many thanks for input on this issue.
I've owned the Sansui TU 717, an excellent tuner.

Don't go crazy trying to find the perfect interconnect, anything that is clean and tight will provide you with good FM sound from this rig. Take a look around here at Audiogon for something used that's reasonably priced.

Looking just now I see Audioquest Topaz for about $35.00. That's a nice cable that won't break the bank.
The conclusion of the Auricle Audio Design auction is coming up, and this IC is something quite special. For the low auction price this lesser known, esoteric, design often goes for, you can have an IC that brings you more performance than you were expecting.
I found it enhanced my FM listening through three different tuners, so, like every component, better results can be gotten with better signal transfer. It did not seem that IC had to be specially matched to any one tuner, although IC's can sound different. Sadly, FM worth striving to hear better is restricted to a precious few stations in most parts of the country. Bringing up the question of which antenna works best for your location.
Albertporter is right that keeping in his budgetary guideline can still deliver the goods. My feeling is that sound quality from some Audiogon bargains can impress way above their price point.
Yes,I totally agree with Albertporter, everything about the interconnectors and speakers wire...are marketing hype ! ... Want to prove it? those manufactures can never show the energy lost or any difference when I use "any" material that provides good conductivity (such as metal of course)...So why bother?... I don't try to offend people who spends zillionzzz for such Tara, MIT cable, well got to admit they look good, make an impressive show-off in your living room... Qualitywise? NONE !!!!!! If you go out to buy from Walmart to Radioshak or any ordinary local stereo store, show me please that your reception or output is worse than those stupid expensive cables? Sometimes I have to laugh so hard when find out that out there somewhere, there are still people got fooled by some "people" who considered themselves audiophile this and that...because of the cable !!!! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I RATHER SPEND Money for the good equipment, that I have no problem spending on, but interconnection / speaker cables?... I don't let myself fooled by those manufactures and look around back in the 70's or 80's, without those, peope still appreciate the good musics and never heard of any complaint about.... Someone dares to argue this with me, shows me the good calculation about conductivity loss or mathematical prove of energy loss based on "different" cable... Just the look and big money for someone who has nothing to worry about that makes the difference here...
Just my 2 cents...

My reason for suggesting budget interconnect in this situation is due to the value of the Sansui TU 717.

I'm not saying it's not a great tuner (it is!), but It's not sensible to spend more on the interconnect than the tuner.

If you already own a premium interconnect and it's not being used, plug it in and take advantage. You might hear an improvement, you might not.

The antenna is another issue, investing in a great quality antenna assures you better reception with your present tuner and all that follow. FM is enjoyable and (particularly) an outdoor roof mount antenna can make a huge improvement for a small investment.

As for high end cables, I believe in them and use them in my own system. However, FM, TV analog signal and even DTS transfer to my HT system goes through Belden cables, built by Blue Jeans Cable.

Looking at other sources such as my turntable, it's a totally different story. The price of my prime source (Walker turntable), plus cartridge, phono and preamp are high retail value and very high performance. Making an investment in premium interconnects is not only in balance with the rest of the gear, it's a requirement for maximum performance.

Enjoy the Sansui, match it up with a good used cable here at Audiogon, and if later you decide to move on, you can probably sell for what you paid.
I use the DH Labs BL-1 terminated with Cardas GRMO's made by Moon-Audio on my TU-317, if that's any help.

My 717 is in storage, so I can't pull it out, but if the RCA's are the same as on the 317, they are a little short and the GRMO's are a tight fit and hard to put on. You might want to go with an I/C with a WBT type locking RCA to make it easier to get them on and off. Analysis Plus comes to mind. I believe I tried a Silver Oval In on the 717 when I was using it, and don't remember anything bad about the combo.
Again, thanks for the responses. I have gone to the ole used cable box and have sorted out some contenders from audioquest to monster to Van den hul the second. Bert