What Outlets?

I serched through the threads and did some reading but most of the threads are very dated and the refrences are no longer accuriate. I need about 8 outlets so I am trying to stay in the $50 range per putlet but can go higher if needed, Anyhow I it down to :
1. Acme Audio Labs 20A
2. Hubbell 8300

My question is the the Hubbell 8300 and Acme I see them all over is there differences are some cryoed and some not?

Where is the best place to get these?
Try some Porter Ports. They are sold thru Audiogon, do a search. Albert has given me great service and the product is awesome!
I recommend that you buy the Porter Ports available from Albert Porter, who advertises here on Audiogon. They are some of the best, and priced right too. ($36/ea.)

Porter Ports

My two cents worth.
My advice is to try a few different types and see what sounds best in your system. They don't cost much, can easily be resold, and it's not very difficult swap an outlet. They do sound different. Others will tell you this is nonsense. The Audiogon police/censors like to delete threads about people ranting both for and against the merits of outlets. FWIW, I did not like the sound of cryoed hubbells in my system and went with a different outlet.
Buy the Synergistic Research Teslaplex SE outlets.
They go a little higher than you wanted to spend, but once you install them you will never upgrade an outlet again.
I use PS Audio Power Port Premier's and like them very much... They are around $100 though so more than you want to spend ... I used the standard power ports before the premiers....Still a very good outlet and in your price range ....
I used FIM 880s which are very good, recently switched to Oyaide R-1s which are even better at a 50% higher cost.
I second Ozzy's recommendation of Synergistic's Teslaplex. One thing I like about it is the death grip it has on heavy power cords, which otherwise have a tendency to sag.