What outlet should I choose.....

Decided to try and install dedicated electrical lines to my system, so I've been researching wall outlets. There are PS Audio, Porter Ports, the new Japanese outlets, Wattgate, etc. And of course with everything else, prices run the gamut. I understand the need for better outlets, but come on...$147 for an outlet? Are the higher priced outlets that much better than the ones for $36?

I ask because I don't want really want to take the time to get the different outlets and audition them. With CD players I can do that, but it just seems silly to audition wall outlets...help?
Sammie, I agree with your last sentence. Personally, I would opt for the less expensive outlet. Unless you have the finest equipment capable of revealing VERY subtle differences in your room, I doubt that you would ever hear a difference, assuming that there was one. Put your money into PC's, or better yet, music! :-)
In case this helps!
You can't go wrong with the Porter Ports.
Better grade electrical outlets may make a difference in your system, but they only make sense AFTER you have addressed more important improvements -- such as dedicated lines, etc.

Albert Porter recently posted a link to an article about the various grades of electrical outlets that you may find informative:

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In case it helps your peace of mind, I found that the Porter Ports were well worth it. (Of course, I too could not really A/B them either.) They certainly strongly pinch the prongs of the plug to establish a good contact.

I had mine installed when I installed my dedicated circuits. Whether it was the dedicated circuits, or the outlets or a combination of both (probably the later), my sound definitely improved.

Besides, if you are going to line someone's pocket, why not a fellow Audiogon member!? (Besides Albert is a really nice guy and will answer any question you put to him.)

My two cents worth anyway.
Go with the Porter Ports. I'm glad I did.
How about $19 for a cryoed Hubbell 8300H (posted price is 20.95 Cnd. which = $19 U.S.)?


The Porter Port is a cryoed 8300H. So is the Takefive. They are cryoed in different facilities. I've used outlets cryoed in different facilities (Cryogenics International, wherever Acme Audio has their cryo done and Bayson Heat Treating where Takefive has their products cryoed) and have not been able to hear differences in "cryo facilities". Perhaps you could, but I have not been able to. If you're looking at one or two receptacles, with shipping to the U.S. the Porter Ports are probably a very good purchase. At 3-4 receptacles, the Takefive's offer much better value. If you're in Canada, the Takefive's are a no brainer.
Thanks so much to everyone for the input! I'm in the porcess of ordering the Porter Ports and will soon be on my way to Home Depot.
very happy Porter Port owner!

Can you describe within sanity threshold how you've managed to try them all????????
Not an easy task. Luckily in my dedicated music room I have six dedicated circuits that are easy to get to and change the outlets. I can have six different outlets installed at the same time on six different circuits. Makes it a lot easier to plug components in and out to hear a difference.
I have Porter Ports in both of my systems. I'm very happy with their performance. When you buy new and cryo'd, allow a few days for them to break-in and acclimate.
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