What other speakers would you consider for this ..

I know there is no substitute for auditioning , which I have been doing, but wonder if there are other speakers I should consider which would meet my system and other requirements:
I have ...
Analog front end with:
Gyro SE
Shelter 501 MC
Plinius M14 phonostage

Digital: Cal Audiolabs ICON MK2 HDCD - to be upgraded if I can find some CD player that makes upgrade worthwhile

Preamp: Lamm LL2 dual mono tube

Amp: Plinius SA102

Current Speakers: B&W Matrix 804

Interconnects/speaker cables - to be upgraded depending on speakers.

This system is almost too detailed and "in your face" for digital but quite nice with analog which is 90% of my listening.

Other important considerations - My litening area is in an open floor plan home in a corner of a 30 X 30 area. So the total room is large but i am not centrally located in it. I can be 4' off the walls but primary listening seat is about 10' from the speakers with open space behind.

Given open exposure of my system to the rest of the living space WAF (wife acceptance factor) is big. Speakers which are deep but present a narrow front surface seem to have the greatest acceptance.

What I have listened to and considered but not in my exact system:

- B&W Nautilus 803 - I really liked 'em
- Audio Physic Virgo - I reall liked 'em too!

anything else? Much thanks for your suggestions!
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Do you have a budget or is money no object?
Good question ... I forgot to add that I would spend max $8000 new retail (which would be 4-5K used). This is, I think the appropriate range to the other components.
What are your priorities sonically?

Cheers, Spencer
I HIGHLY recommend the Roman Audio Centurions, these smoked some B&W 802's and some Dynaudio's (don't remember which model)that I had demo-ed. Every once and a while You'll see a pair come up here on Audiogon. And once you get you speakers bought, try Virtual Image interconnects and power cables.
i newly converted audio physic fsn ( i just pu a pair of libras')

the typical audio physic house sound is a "little" laid back /warm depending how they are set up(imo).

the bass is deep and detailed but it does not have that visceral bass punch of speakers in the same $$$ catergory.

they are very, very room dependent in this regards- they are designed to load the room using the exsisting boundries and prefer a near field listening position. with that said, i would try before you buy looking at your room. the avantis may be a better fit.

another consideration is the dali's. if i didnt go the ap libra route this was my next speaker of choice. other consideratons are the vandersteen 5 and the joesph audio.

good luck,

btw, the marantz sa-8260 is a pretty good redbook cd player. the reviews are true on this one.

the cd is very close to sacd and both formats have a relaxing analog sounding presentation.

however, would suggest to buy new with a warranty, there have been some toc/transport issues with earlier models ( i had major problems with my frist one)

If you like the analogue sound, then why scrap the speakers? Get an external d/a to help the digital sound. Look for something like a CAL or Theta which should warm up the cd sound some?
Thanks for the responses so far. On the question of my listening and sonic preferences ... I listen almost exclusively to jazz, large and small combo and blues. I like a system which is quite detailed and dynamic wth lots of soundstage. I found, for example that the Theil 3.2's were too laid back. This is one of the things I like about the B&W's. They are very dynamic.
I have never heard the Ceturions mentioned above but I will look into them. I have heard and love the Vandersteen 5's but they don't meet the WAF - too imposing.
In this price range you must add Green Mountain
Continuum 3's to your list.
Hmm ... the Green Mountain Continuums look interesting but I don't think they will meet the WAF criteria.
Check out the Kef 205s or the Kef 207s, both from their newest reference line. I Auditioned Tannoy, Nautilus and went for the 205s---the 207s were wife-vetoed.

I know what you mean, believe me I went round & round
with my wife during the entire waiting process, enough
to cause several arguements, but when they showed up
and were put on the floor, she said hmmm I got to admit
they are not as bad as I thought they would be. The
pics Roy are using does not do justice to them. They
look totally different in person. In the pics, somehow
they look a little hokey, but the are not in person.
Dynaudio Contour 3.3, with this fine set-up, you need fine speakers!
I thought the older Matrix was supposed to be more laid back that the newer Nautilus line. Makes me wonder if you've got some kind of distortion problem that B&W corrected on their newer model.
If you can spend $8,000, definitely try the Natilus 802's. The bowling ball midrange makes a big improvement in sound quality.
I suspect since the system sounds good with analog...your probably best served to change your digital to something like a Jolida 100 with level 1 mod.(Big bang for the buck player) It supposed to sound very analog like and smooth. Your system with the B&W 804's is quite a nice match otherwise and knowing the B&W sound is anything but harsh..and having previously owned a CAL Icon MkII I know its tends to be a bit forward(although not bad sounding) your best off upgrading the digital first IMO
Happy Listening :)--Ken
Avalon used avatar, can't go wrong,