What other hobby or hobbies do you have?

For me, besides Audio/Video stuff, I'm into Soccer...

Audio/Video and Soccer are the two big ones for me...

I play soccer every Sunday, and follow European soccer, DC United(Major League Soccer), internatioanl soccer, etc...

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How can people afford 2 expensive past times and a wife and family. My other interests are'nt expensive;

Amature dramatics, people still talk about my Malvolio, very little is printable.

Martial Arts: crawling up to black belt in Karate for wimps

Community activism, local charities and such, absolutely not local politics

Wife and family of course comes first, why do kids get more expensive and time consuming as they get older.

Live music, the only way to judge your system. The Last was Eugene Onegin at the Marinsky in St Petersburg, they even had English surtitles