What one product has redefined music for you??

I bring this up only because i bought a new pair of speakers today. They startled me in that they redefined what i understood was the structural organisation and sound that i could expect from hifi.In other words i rediscovered my entire music collection. So much so that I didn't recognise a lot of my favourite musical pieces as they were replayed through these speakers. There were rhythms and interactions that i had never been aware of before and which helped me understand the musicians aims so much more than before. My whole perception of what was capable from hifi was turned upside down, by this one product alone and i have been enjoying hifi for 30 years mostly high end.

My reference speakers were stacked quad 57's and yamaha ns1000 ( highly modified crossover. The speakers that i listened to tonight had a single bamboo originated driver 3" diameter in a box the size of a kids shoe box! They are absolutely gorgeously built. No it aint got no deep bass and cannot drive a moderately sized room, but that's not the point.

The question is not meant to take price into account here but I paid £100 for these posted!!!! The company is Vintage Lab Audio.

Has any one else felt this way by one new product??

Rest of audio system platine verdier/ET parallel tracking arm/audio note cartridge, audio note silver sig power monoblocks.
The day, at age 21, in 1982, I walked into a dealer and heard a very large set of Acoustat electrostatics with the Acoustat amps playing Joni Mitchel's "Court and Spark", a recording I was very familiar with and right then and there I thought I died and went to heaven. Never before heard anything that real(for a while at least).
The Beveridge speakers long, long ago, later the Quad 63s, again later the Sound Labs.
I agree that electrostatics were also an eye opener for me, and probably the best product i had ever come across. However,there is that other fine line which they did not quite cross over. The ability to unravel like never before all the important musical messages that make up a piece of music with the right emphasis on timing tone dynamics that make up each and every note which then brings forth the cohesive piece all correctly ordered as per the original. When I heard this then the startle factor was probably as much if not more than when i listened to the Quad electrostatics. I know of no other speaker that has transcended hifi in such a way.

MAPMAN, I have been realising more and more in recent years that studio /professional audio is as good if not better than home HIfi. They appear to be generally a lot cheaper than home hifi and often have the ability to be far more neutral and accurate sounding than its counterparts. I am now taking note of equipment such as equalisers that I would have frowned upon several years ago.
In 1974 at age 14. I had a demo of the Klipsh La Scalas. at Harvey Electronics on 45th Street(RIP) Playing Stevie Wonders Is'nt she Lovely very loudly. I was hooked on high end audio for sure after that.