what ohms would I have?

if i am building a center channel with the follow speakers:

2 woofers 4 ohms each
1 mid 4 ohm
1 tweeter 6 ohm

if i run them off of the following 3 way crossover what is the correct way to hook it up? series for the woofer or parallel?

This network is an excellent choice for high power 3-way systems. The woofer section rolls off 6 dB at 800 Hz while the tweeter section uses a 12 dB per octave roll off at 4,500 Hz. The midrange section uses a true band pass filter with a response of 750-5,000 Hz. 12 dB per octave roll off. All crossover frequencies are rated into a 8 ohm load.
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That crossover is not designed to be used with drivers rated for something other than 8 ohms. If you wired the woofers in series that would at least be 8 ohms, but the midrange being 4 ohms is too far off. Generic crossovers are usually a roll of the dice at best, but in this case the odds are very much against you in my opinion.

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Duke is absolutely correct. The impedances that the crossover components see(inductors/capacitors) determine at what frequency they begin their rolloff. Also- If you were to parallel the woofers: the resultant impedance would probably drop below 2 ohms at some frequencies(could cause amp problems). Some good info here: (http://sound.westhost.com/lr-passive.htm) 20 some years ago, this guy used to wind some very nice custom inductors for my business, and he still sells individual components(see right side of page): (http://www.madisound.com/services/hifispeakerdesign.php)
There is a helluva lot more to building a speaker than buying some parts and putting them together.This is a perfect example why most DIY speakers sound substandard.I know from experience,I have blown money doing the same thing!!My recommendation is to buy an established kit from a reputable company,especially if this is your first attempt at speaker building.Just my opinion,feel free to disagree.
Hey Guys thank you for the input. Now if I take all into consideration should I purchase a new mid that is rated 8ohms? And is the tweeter being 6ohms an issue?

I have built other speakers but were kind of straight forward just two way with two speakers. This setup is very different like Tpreaves suggested and thats why I reached out to you guys.

Again thanks you very much :)
You could get away with the tweeter, and an 8 ohm mid, but the response(you'd have a hole) would be far from optimum. Then too: did you make certain the efficiency of the purchased drivers matched? As Mr T suggested: getting a kit from someone like Madisound would be the hot setup. I'll bet he could cook something good up, for your application.
ok so send him the drivers i am using with the spex and he will make the crossover me? That would be awesome:)
I can't say if they would go that route or not. Call and ask: (866) 883-1488)
I built my speakers by first selecting the drivers and then going to an engineer who was a maniac about crossovers. He worked for a custom speaker company. I have 6 crossovers for 2 threeway speakers. Jentzen superior series Z capacitors were what he used. I do not recommend this because it is so time consuming; however my speakers sound perfect to me.