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At the risk of repeating a question that has been asked and answered a few times, let me tell you my story.  I am an old-time audiophile (now 79) who has to adapt to new circumstances.  For the past forty years or more I have listened to music on two pairs of Snell type A speakers (A and AIII), one pair in my living room and another pair in the studio where I paint.  I have moved to a smaller house.  I had to sell the Snells because I don't have room for them (they went to a good home).  I also have sold some fairly high end equipment that powered them.  I now have two Marantz 60009 receivers and a nice vintage turntable.  The turntable is in a small (about 12x15) room, with a piano.  I need to find floor-standing speakers I can put on either side of the piano and close to the wall behind them.  I want to find them used, but not too used - I don't want to need to repair them anytime soon.  I am used to good sound and my hearing is still pretty good.  I listen to some classical, some choral, some solo voice, some guitar, etc.  I like what might be called a "warm" tone - without wanting to get into a debate about what that means - just don't want treble that is on the edgy side.  My budget is flexible, but not unlimited - maybe from $700 to $3000.  I do care how they look.  Some years ago I had a pair of Acoustic Zen adagios, which were OK, but I always preferred the Snells (maybe I was just used to them).  So - what do you recommend?  Adagio?  Vienna Acoustic Bach?  Tannoy?  Sonus Faber?  I am not in a place where I can easily audition speakers, and many of the ones I would consider are no longer sold new anyway, so I need to rely to some extent on the judgment of others.  What do you think?


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No, not set.  Would generally prefer to buy used from a reliable seller on Audiogon.  But am somewhat concerned about the space and the Ohm seems to be designed to work there. 

I never thought about earphones ...



If you have the return option on the Ohm, why don't you try it. I know nothing about them, but the list is long for great speaker that work well near the wall.



Snell Type A's were so musically pleasing and the way they radiated sound into a room reminded me of dropping a pebble in the center of a pool of water and watching the ripples move out from center. Do a little reading up on some of the current designs and characteristics they possess. Best of luck. 

I know.  I wish I could have kept the Type A's, but I no longer have a place for them.  But I do like the smaller home and the community.  I find that I may not have described adequately the environment in which the new speakers will have to make music.  They have to be on either side of the electronic piano (which is only 36" high and 18" deep.  They have to be close to the front wall, but, depending on their depth, not right up against it.  I think in total the front of the speakers could be as much as 30" from the wall.  The other problem is height.  The only place to sit in the room is a bed, which provides very comfortable seating for me, but which is high for a bed (33").  That means the listening head will be at 50" or more and close to the back wall.  I am thinking that some acoustic suspension speakers or some front-ported speakers might work and that taller ones would work better than shorter ones.  I have a chance to buy, locally, Merlin VSN-MXe in very good condition with master bam for $3400 or Usher Audio Dancer Mini One DMD for $1950.  If anyone knows these speakers and can comment on their suitability for this environment, please let me know.

I haven't heard the dancers but they were on my list. I have read every review about them and I was very impressed. 

this looks like a pretty cool monitor: