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At the risk of repeating a question that has been asked and answered a few times, let me tell you my story.  I am an old-time audiophile (now 79) who has to adapt to new circumstances.  For the past forty years or more I have listened to music on two pairs of Snell type A speakers (A and AIII), one pair in my living room and another pair in the studio where I paint.  I have moved to a smaller house.  I had to sell the Snells because I don't have room for them (they went to a good home).  I also have sold some fairly high end equipment that powered them.  I now have two Marantz 60009 receivers and a nice vintage turntable.  The turntable is in a small (about 12x15) room, with a piano.  I need to find floor-standing speakers I can put on either side of the piano and close to the wall behind them.  I want to find them used, but not too used - I don't want to need to repair them anytime soon.  I am used to good sound and my hearing is still pretty good.  I listen to some classical, some choral, some solo voice, some guitar, etc.  I like what might be called a "warm" tone - without wanting to get into a debate about what that means - just don't want treble that is on the edgy side.  My budget is flexible, but not unlimited - maybe from $700 to $3000.  I do care how they look.  Some years ago I had a pair of Acoustic Zen adagios, which were OK, but I always preferred the Snells (maybe I was just used to them).  So - what do you recommend?  Adagio?  Vienna Acoustic Bach?  Tannoy?  Sonus Faber?  I am not in a place where I can easily audition speakers, and many of the ones I would consider are no longer sold new anyway, so I need to rely to some extent on the judgment of others.  What do you think?


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No ports of any kind when near the walls and piano.

I have a piano on my side wall, but surprisingly do not hear any complimentary vibrations when I use my test cd, playing/stopping 1/3 octave test tones.

My friend has a 'seismo' app and walks around my room finding this and that. Top of my dining room table 'adds' something, but never noticeable or detrimental and I keep a heavy table cloth on top anyway.

My toe-in is flexible, find the best for single chair, and adjust toe-in when two listeners to maintain decent awareness of center and other side,

Tilt them back to avoid parallel reflections off the ceiling/floor, and 'mess up' the side/rear wall reflections (tweeters aimed at seated ear level).

Larsen and Ohm come to mind if you need to be close to a wall. Both available in your price range I think. 

Well, the piano being a "compact electronic" keyboard is now not anywhere near as worry as we may have thought. Capacitors and silicon don't vibrate and resonate like piano wires.

Seems like you understand it's not an ideal situation - that's good.  You mentioned Vienna Acoustics Bach.  I love my Bach Grands, listening to them right now.  Warm ish presentation with silky smooth tweeter and great mids.  Beautiful rosewood finish.  They also do a wonderful disappearing act in my room.  But, I have them pulled out almost 5 feet from the front wall.  If you try and put them up against a wall the port will boom out the room.  Believe me, I've tried them in different scenarios.  A non or front ported speaker is your best bet.  Good luck!

there are speakers that make a small room sound big - monitors - not towers. Your budget is a big range, you can look at real sweet boutique brands. Are there dealers near you?