What Now? Big WOW

Just received my Manley Steelhead this week. Until now, I had been using an old receiver as my preamp.

System for now consists of"
Manley Neo-Classic 300B SE/PP monoblocks
Manley Steelhead
Sony HAR-D1000 CD/Music Server
Pro-ject Debut III with Acryl-It platter, Speedbox II, and Ortofon Salsa mc cartridge
Zu Gede Interconnects (also Zebra cable interconnects)
Monster Z1 Reference speaker cables (also Zu Libtec and Zebra Cable)
PS Audio Powerplant Premier

All I can say about the Steelhead is WOW. It is pretty amazing as a linestage and leaves nothing to be desired (for me at least) as a phonostage.

I was totally amazed at how much better the Steelhead made my cd's sound-- even over my previous Rega Elicit/Saturn setup!

Enjoy the music :-)
Thanks. For some reason, I was restricted on space in my original post.

Super happy with the Steelhead. I obviously know that my tt is not up to snuff. Still, I am trying to purchase one new component about every 3 months. This time, I am buying components that will not be replaced in the next 5 years or maybe longer. Still playing learning about vinyl.

What I have noticed in back-to-back comparisons of cd vs. vinyl is that the cd is clearly a "better" recording in the technical sense (low noise, lack of distortion, etc.) but the vinyl sounds more "real". This is especially apparent with the new pre.

A question, does anyone have any idea of the capacitance load I should use for the Salsa/Debut combo?