what next cdp dac?

I have been without a cdp for some time and in the market, I have tried many cdp with some degree of success but nothing that really made me sit up and take notice. I have been reviewing some old threads and just not sure which way to leap first. I see there are many highly reviewed dacs, transports and the like. In the market today is it more cost effective to purchase an inexpensive cdp used as a transport and a nice dac? Or just go with a nice quality cdp right out the gate? Also are there some dacs that are not computable with cdp? I would prefer to purchase used and a budget of $1000.00. I also play many cdr discs as well. Thank you,

cdp I have owned:
Music Hall 2.5
Audio aero
Arcam fmj23
Current setup:
Portal Panache Int. Amp
Daber Audio speakers
Own an Arcam FMj23 and like it a lot. But I'm currently auditioning an Exemplar-modded Oppo 95 and I'm very impressed. Don't rule out a used modded Oppo. I see that EVS and Modwright also mod Oppos.
Oppo 95 or the new 103 would be solod purchases. Plus you'll get SACD, DVD-A, Internet streaming, and Bluray playback...