What next after Audio Physic Virgo II

I would like to get feedback from former Virgo II owners regarding what speaker they purchased after the Virgo's and how they would compare them to the Virgo's. I have owned and enjoyed Virgo's for about 5 years. I am in the early stages of looking to see if there are other speakers out there that would be a significant improvement over the Virgo's. Looking in 4-6K price range for slightly used speakers. Thanks
It would be helpful if you would state what areas of performance you are looking to improve upon. In absolute terms it will be hard to substantially improve upon the Virgo IIs without spending large, large amounts of money. At you indicated buudget you should be able to gain some small improvement in some areas of performance or change to a different overall tonal balance.
I too have owned the Virgo IIs for about 5 years and to this day enjoy them a great deal. About a year and a half ago I upgraded to Verity Parsifal Encores. In my system they get everyting right plus the have a bottom end the Virgos can't even come close to matching. They just work perfectly in my 14 x 16 listening room and are very easy to place. Used these are a bit higher than your budget but worth considering.
By the way I still have my Virgos and are used in a second system, they are a great speaker espeically if you like jazz.
If you need more info please let me know.

I have spent a fair amount of time with Virgo IIs and owned mkIIIs for a couple of years. I've recently moved back to AP after a period of 'downshifting' and I picked up a pair of Avanti mkIII in cherry, 1 year old, for well under half retail. That's an exceptional amount of speaker for Virgo money, in my opinion. They're quite a bit better than Virgos, with more detail and a tighter, more solid bass. If you like the AP sound you could do a lot worse!