What next????

I did it… I’ve gotten my first set of B&W’s! For my first set I got a demo’d pair of cdm-1nt’s for fronts and an asw300 subwoofer to give a little more bottom…

Currently, I’m running them with my old amp and player… A Sony home theater receiver and a Sony DVD player… Not the best stuff, but its what I have to get started.

With that said, my goals are to have a home theater (5.1) and listening room (2.1). First I want to build the audio part. I’m on a budget so I’m buying used or demo’d equipment. I’d like to get some cdm-7’s or 9’s for fronts, use the cdm-1’s for rears, and the matching center channel. I also want a better receiver (integrated) and player (cd/dvd). Last thing I will purchase will be a TV for my new room. Right now I’m thinking Rotel receiver and player. With my income this is going to be a slow one at a time process. That in mind…Here’s my questions:

What next? What will give the most immediate satisfaction? Right now I’m thinking a player. I want a rotel dvd/cd player…or do I save for the cdm-7’s or 9’s??? Get the speakers going???? What about a receiver????

What do you think?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Congratulations! What does it sound like? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your "new" sound? That might give you some ideas about where to go next.
You have my deepest sympathy.
To be honest Judy426.... Anyone that has nothing better to do than sit around and criticize others choices has my "deepest sympathy". I've seen your posts elsewhere and in general you come across as a very negative person. With that said I hope your day gets better (<:

As for strengths and weaknesses Arni... They sound like they could use a little more juice in general. I would like a little more thickness that I think will come with "cleaner" power, floor standing fronts, and a better reader (i.e. cd player)... My staging sounds great with very crisp highs and smooth lows... In short I love it, I just know there's more to be had...

Thanks for the "sound" advice,

Most probable you can get more out of those speakers with a new receiver, but before suggesting...what's your budget for each item ?
Musical Fidelity gear goes good with B&W.
Judy426 is funny!! So, what does 426 mean? Wedge or Hemi?
Try upgrading all your wires, that will truly change your sound. Good luck,

Forget what Judy426 says. Execelent choice. krell_man is correct that Musical Fidelity is an execelent match for B&W speakers. That said I searched the classifieds for an MF A308CR Integrated with a HT bypass which I think would be a nice starting point. Unfortunitally I didn't find one but they do show up occasionally. This integrated also has pre out's for connecting to your sub.

As for a CDP I don't have a recomendation. I run a Transport and a DAC as that is my prefered option right now.

Good Luck in your search.


I'm in the same boat but from a different perspective. I already have a 5.1 system. Not being able to have two separate systems I want to build upon my current rig for 2 channel performance. My first step was dealing with my source and I think you should do the same.

Adding a 2 channel pre-amp or as Artizen65 suggested an intergrated with HT bypass will increase your music playback. A couple of intergrated's with HT bypass Plinius 9100,Krell 300xi, Sim Audio Moon I-3. I'm sure there are more but those are off the top of my head. All this would work if you sony reciever has pre-outs.

Well good luck and keep us posted on your journey.

Come on Judy ... tell us how you really feel about ol' Bowers & Wilkins...He, he, he but seriously Aven, I am happy for you. It's a big deal getting into some great new gear even if some are a little dry with their humor. I'm with the Krell_man on Musical Fidelity, nice stuff, nice pairing. Cheers!
Has to bee "hemi", right? 383........440....those were wedge designs.
judy426 reminds me of my 3 year old little boy, he just wants attention, and if he can't get it in a positive manner, he'll get it with negativity, are you getting enought attention judy ??
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