What new gear will you be buying this year?

I will be in the market for speakers, probably in spring unless something unuasual happens, otherwise I'm pretty well set. How about you, are you planning any purchases for the new year?
Tough Call!!! & subject to change. Possibly replace my Gryphon 2200 and go back to amp & pre.
Will have a pr of Harmonic Precision Caravelles very soon,just ordered a Monarchy Classic DIP to replace my older Mark II,May be getting a pr.of Purist Audio Venustas ICs soon,a pr. of Sonoran Plateau sp. cables,still debating on which upgrade to go with for my Scout,im telling myself i have to stop after this,,,,but we all know how that works!!!!I will be buying many more CDs and LPs,,and maybe building racks to put them in,,,Ray
i'm toying with the notion of getting a supratek cabernet and sending my cary monos back to the factory for as much upgrades as are available.
Wow, the list goes on for a while....

I need a new pre/pro, lilkely the Meridian G series, possibly the Anthem Statement D1, I also still need the Revel Salons and a matching Voice center. Would love to mate with ML 436's, or a 336 and use my HPA-3 for the center and surrounds.... I need a new stand to house the gear that will go to the new location of my dedicated lines, thinking possibly Lovan, but Billy Bags seems to work better for me and the tile I have in my listening room. I will need some more IC's and hopefully I have all the speaker cables I'll need, but we'll see....
None. Except maybe a record cleaning machine, but that's it! Well, unless I decide to get a new phono cartridge... or a phono interconnect... or both.

me too with a record cleaner, assuming I get my SOTA Star up and running soon.

I promised the wife that I would hold off buying anymore stereo gear until 2007, since I bought so much equipment in the past few years. (I still need to pay off the Lamm M2.1s, so I feel it was worth making this promise, since she let me buy the Lamms on credit!)
The Conrad Johnson Lp 140 Monoblocs .
Chad what's wrong with the Star?

Ray, the speakers I'm looking for are thye same as you're getting, but I want the original stands! That's been the hold up, so far... Both Albert and Sonoran are very easy to work with, so the cable should be no hassle.
2006 will be devoted to buying music only, I too have spent the last few years changing components. Maybe the only thing I will need is more storage for LP and CD.
well i know i need to buy a cdp this year but as for what brand or model im still unsure even though im leaning tword's another dynaco hdcd tube player,killer cd player's for the price.

im also looking at the new mcintosh ma2275 tube intergrated to run a pair of klipsch belle's & to use as the pre in my main system .

Possibly experiment with different cables. But I'm building up a car for the next 3 months, so audio will have to wait for a while!
A record cleaning machine is on the horizon for this year. I have so much vinyl and I'm cleaning with a Nitty Gritty 1.00 and I owe it to myself to get a really nice one.
I have a full set of Grover Huffman cables, IC and speaker, on order, and this is the year I will (finally!) upgrade to plasma. I am always ISO good tweaks, as well, esp. power conditioners, and I look forward to the next generation of Gainclones and class T amps.
Wen you say "new" you mean new to me, but actually used?
A Cary 303/300, Aesthetix Calypso and a Rotel 1090 for my LFR (Lows). A lot to do this year :-)
Nothing at all as far as I know, I just got it and between my disability and lack of knowledge I am just afraid of doing something wrong so I am waiting for help.
Nrchy,Hope you get the stands soon!I should be getting mine in a couple weeks tops,well have to compare notes,Ray
They don't make the old stands anymore, but I want them tofind a pair anyway... unreasonable as I am!

Chad e-mail me if you need help. I've had three Sota tables, and actually have two Cosmos tables right now.
Damn, I'm jealous. I think all I'm buying this year is a pair of wedding bands and a high end dinner for 200 of my closest friends.
hey Nrchy, I do need help, maybe if you have time I could call you and see if I am capable at setup, a friend from AGON is going to help me, but probably after he gets back from the big show in L.A. but if I could get somewhere with your help that would be great and thanks for the offer!
Edesilva,ill bet there are alot more guy's that are jealous of your up & comming marrige than you are about some gear.

it's nice to find the right woman,congrat's & good luck.

I'm saving up in 2006 so I can buy something outrageously expensive and heavy in 2007--wait, I said the same thing for 2005...maybe I'm saving up too much. Happy and Healthy New Year to all.
Thanks to the moving company, I will be buying a new phono cartridge, and cd transport.

Come April, I hope to be in a position to buy either:
A. a used digital source (CDP or transport/DAC) in the $3K or less range.
B. a used tube amp in the $3,500 range... don't know if I should go with SET or Push/Pull. Considering Art Audio, VAC, and Berning brands, among others.