What new CD/SACD player?

I've enjoyed my DV-50 for 8 years, but would spring for a replacement if it were a significant improvement. I'd love recommendations. Budget: I'd like to keep it under $8k (less would be nice!).
I have enough SACDs I'd like to play them in that format. Balanced outs a near necessity (my BAT 51SE has only balanced inputs). Digital inputs, esp. USB, would help justify the purchase because in the future I could use it as a DAC. [Sidebars: I've considered just going to a computer/music server, but I have a lot of discs and am not ready to face ripping them all; still I imagine that is the future. On the other hand, I wonder if it is a mistake to hold out for a USB input, because the digital inputs on a good player would be a compromise (e.g., not asynchronous USB). Thoughts?]
Candidates I've thought about. Ayre C-5xemp (but no digital in). Cary 303T (or maybe 306SACD pro, but no USB in). What else should be on the list? I've not had a chance to listen to these (in general it is difficult to get a chance to listen to possibilities, but that is a separate rant).
I listen to all types of classical and jazz. Other equipment: BAT51SE, BAT VK-600SE, Wilson WattPuppy 7.
Nice budget. Lots of choices. My recommendation would be to get a nice player in the $1000-$2500 range and spend the remainder on a great DAC, if you don't already have one. You don't mention if you need multichannel, but judging by your equipment I suspect not.
I would consider Oppo or Denon Universal player and then perhaps an Esoteric DAC (or PSAudio Perfect Wave). For a few bucks more you might be able to get dCS debussy, which I think plays SACD.
Hi, I used to have a set up close to yours...BAT VK51SE, VK150SE's, WP 6 and 8's and a Esoteric DV50s (btw i bet it sounds fantastic). You'll have to spend some serious money to better it...The better Esoterics are better...(like the UX3 or K03).

If you can somehow stretch to a dCS Puccini you can make a huge leap in my opinion. But it's over your budget...

Good luck !
I just bought an Esoteric UX-3 player and couldn't be happier. Spearit Sound had a Esoteric UX-3 Exhibition stock for 4,000.00. It retailed for 8,500.00. It came with a 3 year warranty so I bought it. I am not sure but they may have more of them. I was going to buy a used Esoteric player off of Audiogon, but for the price and warranty, it was a no brainer.

I am in no way afiliated with Spearit Sound. It was my first buying experience from them and I was impressed.

Look no further than Ayre.
Thanks for the responses (and more ideas would be welcome).

Richardfinegold - Were you suggesting the Oppo or Denon as a player or transport for a good DAC? Do you think they would sound better than the DV50 as a player? For that matter, would they be better than the DV50 as a transport?

Jfrech. The dCS Puccini would be stretch; in your experience, how important is adding the clock unit (I guess it is needed for UBS input). I also saw that while JA gave it a great review in Stereophile, he didn't find that it sounded much better or different than the Ayre C-5, which obviously is much less costly (esp. used).

I've been reading since my post, and have seen some good comments on the EVS-modded Oppo 95. Also, Esoteric has a new K-05 model that sounds interesting - but too new apparently for any reviews for feedback.

Marantz has just come out with the SA-11S3, and it fits what you're looking for, including SACD, balanced outs, and digital inputs. I haven't heard it, but I have its predecessor the SA-11S2, and am very happy with it.

I think the new model lists for $4K.
Stereo 5, what did you replace? How much of a step-up is the new unit?
just get another esoteric - but a better one - I have the X03SE and can't give it up.

I previously had the Esoteric SA-10. The UX-3 was a HUGE step up in performance.