What New Cartridge should I get for my VPI?

I would appreciate any suggestions...

My husband wants a new cartridge for his VPI Scout turntable. He currently has a Grado Gold. He loves to listen to his music but lately he complains that the Grado sounds good but he knows there is still more to be heard. He loves female vocals and he complains that the Grado doesn't do them justice.

This is his current System:
VPI Scout w/JMW-9 tonearm
Grado Gold Cartridge
X-LPS v3 Phono Stage
Pass x-1 preamp
Pass 250 amp
Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers
Just a guess, but I think he would like the wood-bodied Grados. They start at $300 (the "Platinum" model), and go up to around $1200 (the "Reference") with intermediate models at $500 and $800. If you go this route, be sure to get the high-output versions, which will best match his phonostage. Many Internet dealers (Music Direct, Needle Doctor, etc.) carry these cartridges.

I do hope he appreciates you :-)

Thanks for the input on the Grado's, I'll look into them and see which suits his tastes.

He has also mentioned the Denon 103 and the Dynavector 10x5. Are these cartridges something I should also look into??

I am worried about the Music Fidelity Phono Stage, I've heard I may need to buy an upgrade with certain cartridges. He has mentioned that he does not like the idea.

By the way, any suggestions on LP's would be greatly appreciated. He loves all types of music, especially Jazz and female vocals.

;-) He does!
The Denon 103 is AFAIK a low-output moving coil (MC) cartridge, while the Dynavector 10x5 is a high-output MC. There is a big difference in the strength (amplitude) of their signals.

The Denon's signal is very small and the phono stage you use with it must amplify a lot. If the Musical Fidelity model your husband has cannot provide this amplification, and he does not want to replace it, then you can only consider the Dynavector or Grado cartridges, which both put out a stronger signal than the Denon.

I don't know the Denon but the Dynavector 10x5 is a very musical cartridge.

Two recent audiophile-quality female vocal LPs I've enjoyed are Jennifer Warnes' The Well and Alison Krauss' Forget About It.

Happy hunting!
I just sold my Dynavector 10X5 because I like the Denon DL-103 much better. The Dynavector is by no means a bad cartridge, but there's something very special about the Denon. I don't know whether or not your husband's phonostage has enough gain to handle the Denon, but Denon makes a step-up transformer priced at a little over $100 that should do the trick. The Denon 103 is available on Ebay from a German seller for under $200 incl. shipping to the U.S. I've bought two from him and he is very fast and reliable. Good luck, Dave
I use a Dynavector 10X5 with my VPI and I am very happy with it. Very musical, easy to set up and your Music Fidelity should handle it fine. I have listened to cartridge's costing more but did not notice any improvement until going well over twice the price with low output. I highly recommend the 10x5.
If you don't want to change phonostage, get your husband a Sumiko Blackbird. Been throught the Grados and the Dyna's with the Scout and Blackbird takes the cake. Will work great with jazz, female vocals and just about everything else.
Good luck.

Vinyl suggestion- Artist: Jacintha Album: Here's to Ben
Dear Vinyllace: I agree with Bnrlaw. That is a great solution. ( great Jacintha Album, too. )

Regards and enjoy the music.