What music do you & your spouse/partner both love?

I recently read a thread about Lucinda Williams and her recent tour. All 3 posters said that they went with their spouse (me included). One was for their anniversary, and my spouse and I consider Lucinda part of our courtship soundtrack.

I wondered what other members love to put on when they play music with their spouse. After all, if we want our spouses to approve of our hobby, we sometimes need to serenade them with music they will appreciate.

What music do you put on for you and your spouse?

Besides Lucinda Williams, I put on Holly Cole, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Annie Ross, Cat Power, and Patti Smith (you can tell she really digs the female artists).
Rod Stewart (raunchy Rod from way back when, not the recent lounge lizard Great American Songbook stuff), Blue Rodeo, Colin James, Janis Joplin, Cowboy Junkies, and Bob Dylan from time to time.
I don't think she likes anything that I do and visa/versa!!!
We're both classical music listeners, so for my spouse it's often Shostakovich, Mahler, Stravinsky or Haydn. Most recently, though, it was the late Lorraine Hunt Lieberson singing songs of Neruda to music written by her husband.
Speaking of deceased classical singers, I must play my spouse some Elizabeth Schwartzkopf singing Schumann lieders.
The Chopin piano concerto no.2 2nd movement Larghetto, also Diana Washington singing "Im thru with love"
Ruth and I listen to a lot of classical too; we're listening to our weekly modern classical show on KRVM right now (you can stream it at krvm.org). But our all time favorite is definitely Cowboy Junkies. There's just something about Margo Timmin's voice...

AC/DC Given the dog a bone
absolutely none. if we liked the same music, i'd have to find another hobby.
We don't come together on a whole lot, but those we do both like are favorites for each of us:

Patty Griffin
Ray LaMontagne
Tom Waits
Gillian Welch
We tend to like a lot of the same music, lately this includes,(In no particular order):

Death Cab for Cutie,
Dave Matthews Band,
Modest Mouse,
The Shins,
The White Strips (and Racontours)

She tends not to like much Jazz or Classical, since she likes songs with vocals mostly, but she does not mind when I put some on. My only complaint is that she dislikes music that is, what she calls "moldy oldies", which basically means anything older than 10-20 years old, which includes The Beatles, Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, etc. (Which is weird, as she grew up with all of that music, as she and I are both close to 50.) All in all, at least she (mostly) supports my hobby, so I am happy about that, and she loves the fact that I am always finding new musical groups to expose her too.
Sad for me, can't really get my wife to give time to serious music listening...though she has supported my hifi purchases. We do both like Yes & Crowded House & saw both bands in concert. But for her music, is more something to listen to in the car.
Eddie From Ohio

Tower of Power

James Taylor

Sanjaya -- NOT!!!!!!!!
04-19-07: Transnova
I don't think she likes anything that I do and visa/versa!!!

LOL Larry! I think we're married to the same woman. :)
a few of the artists that we both enjoy listening to are lucinda williams,eric johnson,drive by truckers,joe satriani,john mellencamp,jeff healy,steve earle,steve vai,ryan adams,melissa etheridge
James Taylor, Michael Franks, Van Morrison, Jackson Browne
Not a lot of overlap, but she does really like some White Stripes along with her Black Eyed Peas. Can't really figure that out.
Maia Sharp
Tierney Sutton

She puts up with all my jazz, but has little tolerance for my rock choices.