What music do you want to play really loud?

What music do you want to crank up your system for?
I want to know the title and the artist, any type of music.
My choice is The Wall by Pink Floyd.
Last night I enjoyed the guilty pleasure of FCA35 by Peter Frampton. This is a 3 disc live recording celebrating the 35th anniversary of "Frampton Comes Alive" released in 2012. The recording quality is excellent and I think that Peter Frampton is a gifted guitar player who has suffered from over exposure back in the day. This particular collection has a really tasty electric version of All I Wanna Be (is by your side) that sounded great with a little volume.
Max - do agree with you about PF. I played the heck out FCA way back when...as well as the eponymous studio LP released round about that same time. I may have to track down FCA35...was not aware of it. Thanks.
Mahler, almost all of it....
Mott the Hopple playing All the Toung Dudes and Mitch Ryder and Detroit doing Lou Reeds Rock & Roll
Correction... Mott playing Sweet Jane!!!