What multi disc CD ??

Have Martin Logan Clarity speakers and Hafler amp and pre-amp. Any suggestions for a multi disc cd ? Don't want to spend thousands just hundreds. Never had an upper end multi cd if such a beast actually exists.
Adcom GCD700 might fit your needs for around seven hundred or less.
The Sony 2000 and 555 (both new models) are nice. The 555 does DVD, the 2000 is CD only.
CAL CL-10. CAL is oob, but there are a couple of units for sale here right now for hundreds (and you can always add a nice DAC and get a top notch changer.
You could also consider NAD 523 and Rotel RCC 955 used or the Denon DCM 380 which is a current model.
Get a used laptop computer (40-80Gigs hard drive-good sound card)($400-500), a cd brner ($200) and a decent DAC ($300or so)and you can store hundreds of cds. No moving parts to wear out. This will give you non-compressed ,great quality sound. Recommend that you some research in this area. You can always upgrade the DAC later--say an Apogee mini-dac.

Cal CL 10 as well
You might find a CL5 cheap also. I picked one up NOS on ebay last spring for $375 still sealed in the box. Wonderful sound, but it lacks a digital output.
I have a Sony ES9 5 disc changer ($100 used)
Alone it sounds OK, but with an Adcom 700 D/A (about $175 used) sounds better. And the DAC can be used for even a high quality transport.
pretty good if you can find a used changer that has not been worked to death. (heavy usage)