What multi channel amp sounds like a Class A two channel?

I want to have the performance of my Levinson 335 in a separate theater which has seven channels. Can I get that level of speed, detail and slam in a multi-channel amp? If you think so, which one?

Classe' puts the larger effort in their analogue section of their multi channel amps, and should do the trick for you. I use a Musical Fidelity HT600 5 channel amp, and it compares well to anything, but it offers only 120 watts per channel, and if you need say.. 200 watts or more it may not cut it. I must say that the HT600 is the closest I have heard to a really great 2 channel set up in a home theater application. I would use Musical Fidelity's 2 channel A3cr for left, right mains, plus their HT600 for the 5 remaining channels to accomplish a 7 channel setup. That would give you the best of both worlds. What speakers are you planning to use?
California Audio Labs runs class A for the first 50 watts into each of 5 channels. It sounds a lot like Mark Levinson stuff to me. You may want to check Widescreen Review for information. I remain very impressed by the amp. It retails for 7500.00 new and I honestly feel that it would be worth that if it were only a two channel amp.
...theoretically speaking -- none of them sounds like class A. There is a large heat interferance between the active stages of multichanell amplifier that will cause the offset point of the active elements displacesd. The best thing is to use 5 class A monoblocks!
Thanks for the ideas. I'll check out the Classe and Cal Audio Labs.

I realized recently that this is a cost thing for me. If I had only one system I would buy more monoblocks or dual mono's, but, I'm not comfortable with another 10 to 20K of amps this year. I've been really bad and dropped a bundle and want to slow down for a little while.

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Bill E.
Marakanetz, The Musical Fidelity amp does have 5 seperate monoblocks . Maybe that's part of the reason behind the superb sound quality.
lakefrontroad: there are any number of highend manufacturers who now offer 6-channel amps. most of these i've seen are simply one-offs of what were designed as 2-channel amps. unless you're gonna' have a 5, 6 or 7 channel ht with upstream and downstream components equal to your 2 channel sound system, why do you care that the quality of your ht amps are as good as those you don't need eyes to perceive? -kelly
I have Dunlavy ScIV fronts, SCIII rears, SCIAV sides, SM1 center, HSU Sub, LExicon MC1 processor and am looking for real 2 channel sound quality.


Bill E.
bill:i suggest you look at the JRDG MC-6: http://www.JeffRowland.com/Model%20MC-6%20Amp%20Page.htm
or the Accuphase PX-600: http://www.accuphase.co.jp/photo/px-600e.pdf

unfortunately, both of these models are of very recent vintage, so you're unlikely to find them easily on the used or "demo" markets.

I highly recommend the BAT 6200. It's performance is damn near that of the VK 500, a true Class A performer. It also is too new to find used, but it's a bargin to begin with. Please feel free to call or e-mail my store for more information on it, or check BAT's web site.