What monitor speakers mate well w/ Cambridge Audio

My Cambridge Audio A640 V2 amp (75wpc) is quite good, and I'm looking for a set of nice budget monitor speaker to set on my Target Audio speaker stands. The room is large and lively sounding, so full bodied sounding speakers w/ good bass is what I'm considering.

I'm using JBL 610's but know I can do better. B&W, Quad, Kef, Spendor, Monitor Audio, etc come to mind. I haven't determined a price but on the low side of good monitors is what I'm thinking about.
Almost all reasonable priced monitors will work well.I used Mission,Kef,Quad and wharfedale with good results when I had cambridge electronics several years ago.I bet the Usher 520 would be a good match.I think they(Cambridge) also have their own speaker line.
TOTEM mites or model ones
Focal makes a nice line of monitors. "Budget" is a very non-descript term. A dollar amount would help.
Quad 12L2s or a used pair of Revel M-20s. Can't go wrong with either of these.
I think the DeCapo is very smooth on top and full down below.

Even better it the Reynaud Trente, if you can find one, it has magical midrange and a bit rolled off on top but still terrific detail

both are well balanced speakers
Paradigm Atom $250

Have you considered Cambridge's line of speakers? They're a huge bargain.
i also own the hls 610s, which have outlasted many pricier models--they're a great cheap speaker. if, however, you're determined to switch (a sentiment i certainly understand), at your budget i'd look at mordaunt short (avant or paegent), which is cambridge's sister company and which, i believe developed camberidge's own branded speakers. accessories4less blows 'em out chepaly; they also carry canton gle, which are great for the price.
Stay away from any speaker that is considered lean or bright by the majority of people. (unless you like that sound). At least that's been my experience.
These are all good suggestions and as I said in my post that a full bodied speaker it my choice. I believe they will compliment CAs quick detailed sound and the live acoustic space the system will be in.

Paragon, Quad, and Totem my fulfill these needs. I'm not familiar with the Mordaunt Short, DeCapo, or Reynaud Trente sound. Mordaunt Short is probably more in my price. I've always loved Spendor, but B&W may have to much HF energy.

Please keep the suggestions coming with a general observation of there sound.

Please excuse the typos and grammar errors on the above post. I rushed it and posted it before I proof read it.
I'm using a pair of vintage Polk Audio RTA11t foorstanders for now. Outstanding synergy. These Polk's are from when they made audiophile speakers, and have midrange clarity, imaging, and an articulate bass. They compliment CA's PRaT and clarity with a hint of warmth. The results yield a very musical presentation. The bass is all there, but refined instead of forceful. The largish floorstanders have a room filling sound.

I'm still keeping an eye out for monitors, and I'm considering Monitor Audio. They sounded great to me in the late '90's and I still remember their sound.
If you like the Polk Audios you really should investigate their LSi7 and LSi9 monitors. I have only heard the 9s in a store but have owned the LSi7s. They are number 2 or 3 on my list of monitors I have owned, and there have been plenty. They have a nice warm sound and a pretty good three dimensional soundstage. The LSi9 may be better for your room though.
Sorry about the late response. I'm so impressed with the Polk RTA11t's that I am considering the LSi9's as you suggest. (Or even the LSi25 as they have a modern look, small footprint, and powered subs that can be used w/ the CA 640A's pre out)
I've read so much good about these under rated speakers. They are not respected just because Polk is sold at Best Buy. I think either of these would be a worthy replacement for the RTA's.
Thanks for your input.
The LSi15s ain't bad either. I owned the LSi15s for nearly a year. They were replaced by a pair of Proac Response 1.5s in my room. There is a new thread on Audiodon in which the buyer is looking at the Proacs along with several other speakers. I gave my impression. Wish I had mentioned the Proacs replaced my LSi15 and I do believe the Polks were a better speaker, at least to my ear they were.
I agree 100% that Polk Audio does not get the respect it deserves. The odd thing is, even though Polk speakers are always reviewed well, the audio community just won't Polk its due. Good sound is good sound.
Brand new pair of PSB B25 or a used pair of Totem Rainmaker. Also a used pair of Usher S520 or if your budget allows a pair of Dynaudio Audience 52 is the best.
Von Schweikert vr1. I am a Quad guy but these seem more up your alley.
Another good choice!
+1 on the Totem Rainmaker. I run a pair on a CA 640a v1 and they sound fantastic. I'm also a Polk fan and have run the RTi70 on my integrated as well. I did a demo of both the Polk LSi7 and LSi9 in home with the CA integrated. I prefered the 7 over the 9 due to the mid bass hump that seemed to be present in the 9. The Totems seem to have the best qualities of the others in one package.
I recommend Von Schweikert vr1 also.