What mini-monitors should I audition?

I am looking for your input on what mini-monitors should I audition. These speakers are for my 2nd system (family room) that include the Meridian 508.24 CD Player and the Magnum Dynalab MD-208 Receiver (amp and tuner). I prefer something small in size without compromising the sound quality (yes, I understand, limited bass). My local Retailer suggests I listen to the Revel M22 loudspeaker, the Joseph Audio Rm7si Signature speaker and the Acoustic Engery AE1 MkIII speaker. I hope to listen to these speakers next week. Your comments and advice are appreciated. Thanks..
Well, if you're going to listen to this speakers next week, you don't need our help. Go with what you love. Listen, however, for a good (minimum) half hour to a wide variety of music. I use to own the Revel M20s. I believe it's the same speaker. Just some new marketing ploy to get another couple of hundred dollars. I like the old ones (the look, that is) better. You can always go for them used and save a bundle. If price is no boundary, though it seems that it is, get back to us and we'll push the monitor envelope for ya. The Revels have a substantial bottom end, but will sound better, as will all your choices, on excellent stands. The stock Revel stands are poor. Stands are a major factor to bring out the best in your speakers. peace, warren
I must say that I've been in love with my JMLabs since they broke in,(about 200 hrs.) and find it very hard to do anything but relax and enjoy the music. No listening to the components, just the ebb and flow of the music with excellent dynamics and articulate, deep bass. After listening to many monitors at home the Electra 906's won my ears and heart. Thanks to a very knowledgable saleman and friend of mine he said to me,"Try the Cobalt 806 Signatures and tell me what you think!".......Game over! The 806 Sig.'s gave me 90% of the Electra line technology and drivers at half the price! $2300 to $1195.

On a leap of faith, due to the performance of the Cobalt 806 Signatures, I ordered the SW-800 Signature subwoofer in hopes for the same level of quality and performance. Easy to use with good controls for integration, a few days of ear tuning to the room and presto.......Nirvana! I was more "in the musical performance " than "sitting in front of the performance." So the 806S & SW800S ended up at the same price point as the Electra 906 only. I did have the Revel M20 in the system for a month w/o sub and they had just lost out to the JmLabs 906 by a short margin. I can not attest to the new M22 though.

My current system=
Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature pre
Proceed PDT MkIII transport
Krell Studio d/a
Antique Sound Labs / Halo - KT88 mono's @ 25 wpc.

I'm Not Touchin' A Thing!

I Would have to agree with Bruce..JM Labs...have had..probably 20-30 different monitors..no contest...
BW Nautilus 805s are nice. They sound very articulate
I also like the JM Lab Electra 906.
Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 with g2 tweeter are good
So, how did you like the Revels?
I have been delayed and hope to listen to the M22 in the next several weeks. I also plan on hearing the Joseph Audio RM7si Signature Mk.2 speakers. Any comments?
I'll suggest a different direction... I've been looking and listening to some mini-monitors for a family member in the under $1800 price range and the speakers that have captured my interest have been:

Reference Audio 3a Dulcet
ProAc Tablette 8
Harbeth HL-P3ES
Spendor S3/5

I've lived with the detail and speed of Eidolon speakers for my main system, but I found that these mini-monitors each were something I could live with in an alternative system. Of course, I've always liked the British small speaker sound with its emphasis on great mid-range and mid-bass reproduction for acoustic instruments.
Just for the record...my dealer carries both Joseph Audio and Revel...both very good products...however...after hearing the GMA Europas in a home trial comparison...I went with them...just my .02...and they cost roughly half as much...
The new Sehring 700 monitor is awesome. One of the best midrange and highs I have ever heard on a minimonitor. (I am a dealer and realize this is a very biased suggestion, but they are awesome)
Just a plug for the ProAc Tablette Reference 8's mentioned above. After hearing a pair at a local dealer, I was floored by the natural, musical presentation, imagining, and yes - bass response - of these little marvels. They are very small, and beautifully finished to boot. I had them order in a pair of the Tablette Reference 8 Signatures, and even though they weren't fully broken in yet, they had even better midrange clarity and a more natural presentation than the standard Ref 8's. I have been using them in my office system (powered by all Arcam FMJ electronics). I would highly recommend either version in their respective price ranges. The Signature series is $500 more, BTW.
For value I would checkout Phase Tech's line of speakers if you can. After some searching I believe they might be great for the $$ as I own speakers using a Titanium Bass\Mid Driver with Inverted Domes that do real well.

Triangles & JM Reynauds are French Cos. I would also like to hear.

Good luck!