What might a good to great 20uF film/foil capacitor for a woofer.

I’m building Type B-2 crossover for Klipsch Cornwall’s. I’ve done a couple of pairs so far and they sound great. So much better than the stock B crossovers. I would like to build even better type B-2’s using different caps for the lower frequencies. I’ve come across some B-2 crossovers online for sale yet they use low-grade bobbin Inductor coils. I have been using 2.50mH 16 ga EQ Perfect Lay Hollow Air inductor coils by Erse, great coils, lately I haven’t been able to get them. The longest backorder time ever, several months now. I switched to Jantzen Audio’s Litz Wire Wax coils, offering 0,15 Ω | 3% | 15 awg. I have been using Jantzens Supreme Z 3uf, and 4uf capacitors and will continue using them. I like them better than Mundorfs Supreme S/O oil caps as good as they are. Too spendy for what you get compared to the Jantzen Supreme Z caps. I’ve been using Erse’s 20uf 400v caps. I would like to try something else (20uF caps) for the lower frequency. Any suggestions on good 20-22uF caps that would improve the lower frequencies and not cost a whole bunch? Thank you.

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     Not certain which inductors you still need, but: I have a pair of these, somewhere around here: 


       If you're still in your x-over's design stage: I wouldn't think a <10% uptick, from what you desire/used prior, too hard to work around.

from my experience, bang for the buck, I would go for Clarity CSA.  If those are too high,  I personally would stick with Solen PPE.  I've listened to a bunch of budget friendly caps, they are more neutral than most and don't do any nasties that others do in lower treble region.