What matching pre-amp to use?

I own a used McCormack DNA-125 amp, new Goldenear Triton II loudspeakers and Transparent MusicWave Speaker Cables. I mostly listen to R & B, Jazz Fusion, some Electronica and Bossa

Nova. Can anyone suggest a preamp that will mate with the above components? I am not an audiophile but do enjoy listening to music from other than mid-fi components. Someone suggested that the CJ

Classic 2 SE Linestage Preamp would be suitable since he said that the Goldenears would exhibit harshness and the CJ would even that out. Would I lose any of the bass (which is why I liked the

Goldenears) by using the CJ? My budget is $2K for a pre-amp. Also, any suggestions for a CD

Player and Interconnects?

Why not get a McC preamp? I have a Microline Drive and the RLD-1, both are stock and sound great, they are both upgradable by SMc- a company I can't recommend more.
Actually, there is a MicroLine Drive on Agon that has been upgraded. 
As far as a CD player, I have a Rega Apollo and a McCormack Transport, both perform well. Though I have not been using them, as I seem to be loving Streaming Music through the PC.
As far as cables, I am using mostly Zu audio. I like their 'open' sound as well as their affordability. Zu is on Agon and Ebay, and you can get some of the earlier models for very reasonable prices.

I agree with McC preamps. They outclass higher priced ones easy.

Thank you everyone for your responses, however, can anyone comment on my question on how much/whether the CJ Classic SE2 will affect the bass response from the GE's?  Also, there is a refurb unit available of the McC RLD-2 for $1,600. Can anyone point out the differences in sound that I will hear across the entire freq. response from both units?  Please keep in mind that I was told that the GE's will be more fatiguing to listen to in the long term if I purchased the RLD-2. 

RLD and other SMC preamp units are very transparent yet with no loss of dynamics. 
I don't think there is a RLD-2 and $1600 is too much.
As far as McCormack being fatiguing, I rather doubt it. Who suggested this? It sounds like they are really pushing the CJ- which I have no experience with, so I can't offer any info on what you are asking.
In my opinion, the amp would have more affect on the 'sound fatigue' than the preamp-which should be transferring signals to the amp without adding or subtracting musicality.
I suggest a call to Steve McCormack at SMc, I think he or his assistants will give you the best advice.  760-908-5263(Pacific Time)

I have appreciated all the comments and information that everyone has provided!  I want to thank gdnrbob for suggesting that I call SMc. I just got off the phone with them and they made a suggestion about listening to music from an MP3, Ipad, or I-Phone and connect the amp and speakers w/o a pre-amp to see how the music sounds tonally.They took my phone number and will get back to me soon and suggested less expensive alternatives (as mentioned above), such as the RLD-1/TLC-1 Pre-amp to look out for on Agon, etc.  Thank you all for taking the time to steer me in the right (and less expensive) direction. 

 I was trying to recall the model name of the best SMC preamp I liked and it's TLC-1. 

You are welcome Coco-nico, I knew Steve and his crew would take care of you.