What mat for a VPI Traveler?


I've recently purchased a VPI Traveler V1 ( Denon DL-110 cart on right now), and need to replace the stock mat.  I've removed the original mat, and am currently using an old Herbie's Way Excellent II - 2mm that I had on my previous TT.

I'm getting some minor wobble from records that previously rested completely flat on the old TT.  I'm guessing I need to upgrade to a thicker mat, but not 100% sure.

Fellow VPI Traveler owners, what are you using? 

Thank you for your help.
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Try the Herbies way excellent mat.  I bought one with the hole cutout for my Traveler V3, 3mm thick.  Looks and sounds excellent.  
I use a Pro-ject Leather-It with great success on my Traveler.  Living in the northern climes, its also good for controlling static too.
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I have an Achromat on my Technics.  Improvement over the stock mat for sure.  More open and tighter bass.  I used the tape to tack it down.  Some people use vaseline but I ain't into that!
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The mat should come with a set of round double sided pieces of tape.  That is what I used. A little tricky to peel IIRC.
This doesn't make sense but it sounded a lot better to me after a day of use.