What mat for a VPI Traveler?


I've recently purchased a VPI Traveler V1 ( Denon DL-110 cart on right now), and need to replace the stock mat.  I've removed the original mat, and am currently using an old Herbie's Way Excellent II - 2mm that I had on my previous TT.

I'm getting some minor wobble from records that previously rested completely flat on the old TT.  I'm guessing I need to upgrade to a thicker mat, but not 100% sure.

Fellow VPI Traveler owners, what are you using? 

Thank you for your help.
Also, I have an AT Disc stabilizer and a J.A. Michell Clamp that do not help the wobble.
Try the Herbies way excellent mat.  I bought one with the hole cutout for my Traveler V3, 3mm thick.  Looks and sounds excellent.  
I use a Pro-ject Leather-It with great success on my Traveler.  Living in the northern climes, its also good for controlling static too.
I found an old Pro-Ject Cork-It that I dug out of a box.  Took a little while for it to lay flat on the platter.  I acutally took the acrylic platter from the Debut and placed it upside down over the cork mat for two days.  That solved the problem 99%.

Not sure I like the looks of the cork, but records and playing completely flat now, and sound wonderful.  Much better than the stock VPI mat.
Pulled the trigger on a Funk Firm Achromat this weekend.  Should be here by the end of the week.  All the reviews I've read are ecstatic.  

I'm interested to hear opinions from people who've used Funk Firm?

I have an Achromat on my Technics.  Improvement over the stock mat for sure.  More open and tighter bass.  I used the tape to tack it down.  Some people use vaseline but I ain't into that!

Thank you.  Good to hear.  What type of tape did you use?  I'm not interested in using vaseline either.  Ha.
The mat should come with a set of round double sided pieces of tape.  That is what I used. A little tricky to peel IIRC.
This doesn't make sense but it sounded a lot better to me after a day of use.