What Makes your System Special?

Could be anything but interested in what makes it special for you.   Is there something you would want to change?
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The time i spend with my system makes it special, and being able to listen every single change i perform makes it more so.
What i would change, i cannot change the small room i have but i could experiment with some kind of room treatment like diffusers, resonators.

The ability to listen all day and into the night with absolutely no harsh treble, or teeth gritting ear searing painful treble. 
  Just smooth , smooth, smoooooooth.

zero fatigue at any volume. Great detailed and flawless midrange.
And, yes it’s all mine!!!
@lalitk That setup does look very special!

@akg_ca  I've heard those Harbeths and agree completely.
What makes my current system special for me is that even though I am fully aware that it could be improved in many ways, when I am listening to it, I am always far more aware of the music than I am of the system. 
I attribute that to my current speakers which I have owned for about 13 years. I have had 19 other pairs, far less than some audio guys here, and the only others that were near as satisfying were Spendors that I had for some years.
I do believe that in my experience, speakers are probably the most important ingredient in a satisfying system. They are not the soul of the system, but they have the ability to express or impair the expression of what comes before them.