What Makes your System Special?

Could be anything but interested in what makes it special for you.   Is there something you would want to change?
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What makes it special: tubes.     

I'd like more compact gear to replace the separates, as I age and move towards smaller living spaces, and newer gear, which could be more reliable.  But everything is a trade-off, and an integrated could not equal  the tube amp, preamp and phono pre I have.  Tubes are inherently higher maintenance that ss (but more repairable when things go wrong.)  Contra, modern KT-150 and 170 tubes have the potential to shorten the signal path and reduce phase issues.  You pay when you sell old gear and buy new, so "downsizing" will involve paying a lot of money for lower quality sound.    Can't make myself do that until it's unavoidable.    
First system I've had that is virtually distortion free. Also first system I don't feel needs to be upgraded. I'd like another pair of Wireworld Eclipse (have 7s, would like to add 8s for bi-wiring). Maybe Eclipse Silver 8s if they make a difference in my system). Otherwise I'm done.
BTW, looking to replace my KEF 201 stand mounts with Klipsch Forte IVs (home theater system). 
The time i spend with my system makes it special, and being able to listen every single change i perform makes it more so.
What i would change, i cannot change the small room i have but i could experiment with some kind of room treatment like diffusers, resonators.

The ability to listen all day and into the night with absolutely no harsh treble, or teeth gritting ear searing painful treble. 
  Just smooth , smooth, smoooooooth.

zero fatigue at any volume. Great detailed and flawless midrange.
And, yes it’s all mine!!!
@lalitk That setup does look very special!